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Minnesota State House elections, 2010

Majority controlCampaign contributions

QualificationsCompetitiveness analysis

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List of candidates
District 1ADistrict 1BDistrict 2ADistrict 2BDistrict 3ADistrict 3BDistrict 4ADistrict 4BDistrict 5ADistrict 5BDistrict 6ADistrict 6BDistrict 7ADistrict 7BDistrict 8ADistrict 8BDistrict 9ADistrict 9BDistrict 10ADistrict 10BDistrict 11ADistrict 11BDistrict 12ADistrict 12BDistrict 13ADistrict 13BDistrict 14ADistrict 14BDistrict 15ADistrict 15BDistrict 16ADistrict 16BDistrict 17ADistrict 17BDistrict 18ADistrict 18BDistrict 19ADistrict 19BDistrict 20ADistrict 20BDistrict 21ADistrict 21BDistrict 22ADistrict 22BDistrict 23ADistrict 23BDistrict 24ADistrict 24BDistrict 25ADistrict 25BDistrict 26ADistrict 26BDistrict 27ADistrict 27BDistrict 28ADistrict 28BDistrict 29ADistrict 29BDistrict 30ADistrict 30BDistrict 31ADistrict 31BDistrict 32ADistrict 32BDistrict 33ADistrict 33BDistrict 34ADistrict 34BDistrict 35ADistrict 35BDistrict 36ADistrict 36BDistrict 37ADistrict 37BDistrict 38ADistrict 38BDistrict 39ADistrict 39BDistrict 40ADistrict 40BDistrict 41ADistrict 41BDistrict 42ADistrict 42BDistrict 43ADistrict 43BDistrict 44ADistrict 44BDistrict 45ADistrict 45BDistrict 46ADistrict 46BDistrict 47ADistrict 47BDistrict 48ADistrict 48BDistrict 49ADistrict 49BDistrict 50ADistrict 50BDistrict 51ADistrict 51BDistrict 52ADistrict 52BDistrict 53ADistrict 53BDistrict 54ADistrict 54BDistrict 55ADistrict 55BDistrict 56ADistrict 56BDistrict 57ADistrict 57BDistrict 58ADistrict 58BDistrict 59ADistrict 59BDistrict 60ADistrict 60BDistrict 61ADistrict 61BDistrict 62ADistrict 62BDistrict 63ADistrict 63BDistrict 64ADistrict 64BDistrict 65ADistrict 65BDistrict 66ADistrict 66BDistrict 67ADistrict 67B
Minnesota House of Representatives