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Office Incumbent Assumed Office Incumbent running? General Election Candidates 2014 Winner Partisan Switch?
Governor Dave Heineman
Dave Heineman official photo.jpg
2005 Term-limited Republican Party Pete Ricketts

Democratic PartyChuck Hassebrook[1]

Libertarian Party Mark G. Elworth Jr.
Pending Pending
Lieutenant Governor Lavon Heidemann
2005 Yes Republican Party Lavon Heidemann

Democratic Party Jane Raybould

Libertarian Party Scott Zimmerman
Pending Pending
Secretary of State John A. Gale
John Gale.jpg
2000 Yes[2] Republican Party John A. Gale[2]
Libertarian Party Ben Backus[3]
Pending Pending
Attorney General Jon Bruning
Jon Bruning.jpg
2003 No (Running for governor) Republican Party Doug Peterson[4]
Democratic Party Janet Stewart[5]
Pending Pending
Treasurer Don Stenberg
Don Stenberg2.jpg
2010 Yes[6] Republican Party Don Stenberg

Democratic Party Michael O'Hara[5]

Libertarian Party Michael Knebel[5]
Pending Pending
Auditor of Public Accounts Mike Foley
Mike Foley.jpg
2007 No (Running for governor) Republican Party Charlie Janssen[4]
Democratic Party Amanda McGill[7]
Pending Pending
Public Service Commission Anne C. Boyle
Anne Boyle.jpg
1996 No (Retiring) Republican Party John Sieler[4]
Democratic Party Crystal Rhoades[8]
Pending Pending