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Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Question 1 Admin of gov't Establish procedures for resolving conflicts between constitutional amendments or new state laws Approveda
LRCA Question 2 Judiciary Provisions governing the Commission on Judicial Discipline Approveda
LRCA Question 3 Judiciary Locations other than the county seat for holding terms of the district court Approveda
Advisory Question 4 Admin of gov't Last Friday of October is the legal holiday for observing Nevada Day Approveda
LRCA Question 5 State legislature Length of sessions of the Nevada State Legislature Approveda
LRCA Question 6 Taxes Tax abatements authorized for properties that conserve water Defeatedd
LRSS Question 7 Taxes Amendment to the Sales and Use Tax Act of 1955 Defeatedd
LRCA Question 8 State legislature Replace Lieutenant Governor as President of Senate with senator elected by Senate Defeatedd
LRCA Question 9 Marijuana Medical marijuana Approveda
CICA Question 17 Term Limits Establish Term Limits for U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators from Nevada Approveda
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