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Type Title Subject Description Result
BI Question 1 Bond Issues Authorizes the state to issue general obligation bonds in order to preserve water quality Approveda
CICA Question 2 Marriage Amends the Constitution to recognize marriage as a union only between a man and a woman Approveda
LRSS Question 3 Taxes Exempts from taxes gross receipts from the sale and storage, use or other consumption of farm equipment Defeatedd
LRSS Question 4 Taxes Exempts from taxes the sale of furnishing as well as sale or storage of engine parts for professional racing vehicles Defeatedd
LRCA Question 5 Property rights Amends the constitution to repeal the constitutional rule against perpetuities Defeatedd
LRCA Question 6 Judicial Reform Revises the term of office of a Supreme Court justice or district court judge who is appointed to fill a vacancy Defeatedd
LRCA Question 7 State Budgets Allows an exemption from the state debt limit for state contracts necessary for the improvement of public schools Defeatedd
LRCA Question 8 Taxes Authorizes the Legislature to provide by law for the reduction in property taxes on a single-family residence Approveda
CICA Question 9 Marijuana Allows the use and possession of three ounces or less of marijuana by persons 21 years or older Defeatedd

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