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Historical Representation to the US Senate by Party from North Dakota
Party Total
     Democratic 9
     Republican 14
Total Senators 23
Class 1 Senators from North Dakota
Senators Years Served Party
Lyman R. Casey 1889-1893 Republican
William N. Roach 1893-1899 Democratic
Porter J. McCumber 1899-1923 Republican
Lynn J. Frazier 1923-1941 Republican
William Langer 1941-1959 Republican
C. Norman Brunsdale 1959-1960 Republican
Quentin N. Burdick 1960-1992 Democratic
Jocelyn B. Burdick 1992-1992 Democratic
Kent Conrad 1992-2013 Democratic
Heidi Heitkamp 2013-Present Democratic
Class 3 Senators from North Dakota
Senators Years Served Party
Gilbert A. Pierce 1889-1891 Republican
Henry C. Hansbrough 1891-1909 Republican
Martin N. Johnson 1909-1909 Republican
Fountain L. Thompson 1909-1910 Democratic
William E. Purcell 1910-1911 Democratic
Asle J. Gronna 1911-1921 Republican
Edwin F. Ladd 1921-1925 Republican
Gerald P. Nye 1925-1945 Republican
John Moses 1945-1945 Democratic
Milton R. Young 1945-1981 Republican
Mark Andrews 1981-1987 Republican
Kent Conrad 1987-1992 Democratic
Byron L. Dorgan 1992-2011 Democratic
John Hoeven 2011-Present Republican