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Event Date Developments
1st initiative effort March 22, 2010 Supporters initially proposed the measure for the 2010 ballot but failed to collect sufficient signatures
Amend. spilt April 9, 2010 The Ohio Ballot Board voted 4-0 to split the 2010 proposed health care amendment
Court ruling April 29, 2010 The Ohio Supreme Court ruled that the amendment could appear as one issue
2nd initiative effort April 22, 2011 Supporters had already collected more than 300,000 signatures
Petition drive deadline July 6, 2011 A minimum of 385,245 petition signatures were required to qualify for the ballot
Signatures submitted July 6, 2011 An estimated 546,000 signatures were submitted by deadline
Certified July 26, 2011 The Secretary of State had until July 26 to certify the submitted signatures. The measure was certified before that time.
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