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May 20

Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Measure 1 Taxes Prohibits the taxation of social security benefits Approveda
LRCA Measure 2 Taxes Regards the effect on the merging of tax units on a given tax base Approveda
LRCA Measure 3 Direct Democracy Regards the verification of signatures on initiative and referendum petitions Approveda
LRCA Measure 4 Elections Requires a special election for vacancies in the state delegation to the United States Senate Approveda
LRCA Measure 5 Bonds Authorizes the issuance and sale of $96 million in bonds for state-county prison buildings Defeatedd

November 4

Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Measure 1 State Exec Removes the requirement that the Secretary of State live in the Salem Approveda
LRCA Measure 2 Redistricting Revises the legislative district reapportionment procedures Approveda
LRCA Measure 3 Gambling Permits charitable, fraternal and religious organizations to hold raffles Approveda
LRSS Measure 4 Admin of Gov't Replaces the Public Utility Commissioner with a three member Public Utility Commission Approveda
CISS Measure 5 Marijuana Legalizes the possession and growing of marijuana for private use Defeatedd
CICA Measure 6 Abortion Prohibits the use of state funds for abortions, except to prevent the death of the mother Defeatedd
CICA Measure 7 Taxes Institutes a five percent sales tax for school funding, property tax reductions and renter’s relief Defeatedd
CISS Measure 8 Utilities Prohibits the Public Utility Commissioner from requiring local measured telephone service payments from customers Approveda
CICA Measure 9 Taxes Sets maximum property tax rates, limits assessed property value increases and requires a majority popular vote for any new or increased property taxes Defeatedd
CISS Measure 10 Law Enforcement Expands crime victims’ rights and role in the criminal justice process Approveda
CICA Measure 11 Taxes Exempts part of an owner’s home value from property tax, requires renter’s relief and bars sales tax except by initiative Defeatedd
CISS Measure 12 Taxes Reduces most corporate income tax rates, but increases rates for higher bracket earners Defeatedd
CICA Measure 13 Elections Requires a voter to be registered at least twenty days before an election in order to vote Approveda
CISS Measure 14 Nuclear Prohibits all nuclear power plant operations until the federal government licenses a permanent radioactive waste disposal site Defeatedd
CISS Measure 15 Nuclear Redefines “radioactive waste” in existing laws due to newer legal definitions of the term Defeatedd
CISS Measure 16 Taxes Gives tax credits to nuclear weapons manufacturers transitioning to producing consumer commodities and penalizes those nuclear weapons firms who did not transition after 1990 Defeatedd
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