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In an October 2013 interview, Schweitzer was asked if he was open to a 2016 presidential run, to which he responded, "I still hold the people of Iowa and New Hampshire in high regard,” Schweitzer said of the nation’s first caucus and primary states. “The people of Iowa are a whole lot like the people of Montana. And, of course, New Hampshire’s a lot like Montana. We don’t have a sales tax. ‘Live Free or Die’ -- we understand that notion in Montana." He followed the statement by saying, "There’s a whole lot of America that looks at each other and says, ‘Well, there’s 340 million people living in America. Isn’t there somebody other than a Bush or a Clinton who can be president in these modern times?"[1] He served two terms as governor of Montana and decided against campaigning for an open U.S. Senate seat in 2014.[2] There have been 17 presidents who previously served as governors.[3]

Public statements on possible run

  • In a Time interviwe on June 5, 2014, when asked if he was better suited to be president than Hillary Clinton, he stated, "Well, I think so, of course." He also attacked her relationship with Wall Street and support for the Iraq War during the interview.[4]
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