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Note: This list may be incomplete. If you know of any irregular office changes which have not been included here, please email us.

In 2012, 19 irregular office changes took place in 17 states. Texas, with three, had the most. There were 2 irregular changes in top ballot offices and 17 in down ballot offices.

The reasons for state executive official changes in 2012 were as follows:

  • 5 due to appointments to other political positions
  • 3 due to retirement/family reasons
  • 3 due to various/unspecified reasons
  • 2 fired/asked to resign
  • 2 due to candidacy for another office
  • 1 due to the position being eliminated
  • 1 due to resignation to take a private sector job
  • 1 due to scandal/criminal issues
  • 1 due to officeholder's death

The partisan breakdown for vacancies created in 2012 was as follows:

  • 1 Democratic position
  • 4 Republican positions
  • 14 Independent/Nonpartisan positions

Notable changes

Full table of resignations

State Executive Officials who Left Office Prior to their Term Completion
Name State Office Partisan Reason Departure Date Term End Date Successor
Susan Castillo Oregon Oregon Superintendent of Public Instruction Grey.png Nonpartisan Resigned, accepted new job June 30, 2012 January 2015 Rob Saxton
Glenn Marshall Connecticut Connecticut Commissioner of Labor Grey.png Nonpartisan Resigned, family reasons June 29, 2012 January 2015 Dennis Murphy
Alexander Sanchez Maryland Maryland Secretary of Labor, Licensing and Regulation Grey.png Nonpartisan Accepted new position May 2012 N/A Scott R. Jensen
Jim Bennett Alabama Alabama Commissioner of Labor Grey.png Nonpartisan Resigned, position eliminated by department merger September 27, 2012 N/A Tom Surtees
Robert Scott Texas Texas Commissioner of Education Grey.png Nonpartisan Resigned, upset over budget cuts September 1, 2012 N/A Michael Williams
Stan Heffner Ohio Ohio Superintendent of Public Instruction Grey.png Nonpartisan Scandal August 10, 2012 N/A Michael Sawyers
Scott Angelle Louisiana Louisiana Secretary of Natural Resources Grey.png Nonpartisan Resigned to run for new office August 8, 2012 N/A Stephen Chustz
Elizabeth Ames Jones Texas Texas Railroad Commission Ends.png Republican Resigned to run for new office April 2012 November 7, 2012 Buddy Garcia
Brian E. Schatz Hawaii Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii Electiondot.png Democratic Appointed to new position December 26, 2012 December 1, 2014 Shan Tsutsui
Ted Boyer Utah Utah Public Service Commission Grey.png Nonpartisan Retired December 1, 2012 March 27, 2009 Thad LeVar
Lillian Lowery Delaware Delaware Secretary of Education Grey.png Nonpartisan Accepted new job June 1, 2012 N/A Mark Murphy
Steven Hilfinger Michigan Michigan Director of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Grey.png Nonpartisan Appointed to new position December 2012 N/A Steve Arwood
Joseph Meyer Wyoming Wyoming Treasurer Ends.png Republican Death October 7, 2012 January 2015 Mark Murphy
Hope Andrade Texas Texas Secretary of State Ends.png Republican Resigned November 23, 2012 N/A John Steen
Maria Baier Arizona Arizona Commissioner of Lands Grey.png Nonpartisan Resigned November, 2012 N/A Vanessa Hickman
Gerard Robinson Florida Florida Commissioner of Education Grey.png Nonpartisan Resigned, family reasons August 31, 2012 N/A Tony Bennett
Jorea Marple West Virginia West Virginia Superintendent of Schools Grey.png Nonpartisan Fired, board cited need for new leadership November 15, 2012 N/A Chuck Heinlien
Donna M. Jones Idaho Idaho Controller Ends.png Republican Injured in car accident October 15, 2012 January 5, 2015 Brandon Woolf (R)
Karin Brownlee Kansas Kansas Secretary of Labor Grey.png Nonpartisan Asked to step down, reason unspecified September 20, 2012 N/A Lana Gordon