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Upcoming elections[[United States House of Representatives elections in {{{State}}}, 2016|U.S. House, 2016]]
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{{State delegation infobox
 State = State
 Population = Total population of state
 Gender = Percentage male/female
 Race = Race data for the state (% White, % Black, etc...)
 Ethnicity = Ethnicity data for the state (% Hispanic)
 Unemployment = Percentage of unemployed workers in the state
 Median income = Median household income statewide
 Voter reg = Percentage of voters registered with each major party (Not all states have this figure, N/A if not available)
 Voter turnout = Percentage of eligible voters who voted in 2012
 Senate = Yes if there is a senate election in 2014, otherwise leave blank.
 President = Percentage of votes received by Obama and Romney in the 2012 general election
 Special = Any upcoming special election


{{State delegation infobox
|State = 
|Population = 
|Gender = 
|Race = 
|Ethnicity = 
|Unemployment = 
|Median income = 
|Voter reg = 
|Voter turnout = 
|Senate = 
|President = 
|Special =