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2013 State Executive Primary Information
State Signature Filing Deadline Primary Date Notes/Costs for candidates Days between Deadline and Primary
New Jersey 4/1/2013 6/04/2013 Candidates for Governor must submit 1,000 signatures.[1] 64
Virginia 3/28/2013 6/11/2013 (Republican convention will be held 5/18/2013) Democratic primary** candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General must pay a filing fee equaling 2% of the annual salary for the office during the year of the filing (Governor-$3,500.00;Lieutenant Governor-$726.42;Attorney General-$3,000.00) and submit at least 10,000 signatures, including a minimum of 400 from each of Virginia's 11 congressional districts.[2][3] The deadline to file for the general election for Independent party candidates is 6/17/2013 and 6/11/2013 for non-party candidates.[4] 74
Wisconsin 1/2/2013 2/19/2013 Candidates for Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction must submit 2,000-4,000 signatures to qualify for ballot placement.[5] 48

**Beginning in 2013, the Republican party of Virginia will select its candidates for governor, lt. governor, and attorney general by a party-funded primary nominating convention. The Democratic party will continue to nominate gubernatorial candidates by taxpayer-funded primary election.
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