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The following individuals were elected to the U.S. House from Vermont.


Historical Representation to the US House by Party in the 1800s from Vermont
Party Total
     Democratic 5
     Republican 35
     Whig 14
     Democratic Republican 2
     Greenbacker 1
     Federalist 12
     Anti-Jacksonian 2
     Anti-Administration 1
     Anti-Masonic 3
     Opposition 1
     None 2
Total Representatives 78
Representatives to the U.S. House in Vermont in the 1800s
Representative Years Served Party
Israel Smith 1791-1802 Democratic Republican
Daniel Buck 1795-1796 Federalist
Nathaniel Niles 1797-1-1794 Anti-Administration
Matthew Lyon 1797-1800 Republican
Lewis Richard Morris, 1797-1802 Federalist
William Chamberline 1803-1804,1809-1810 Federalist
Gideon Olin 1803-1806 Republican
James Elliot 1803-1808 Federalist
Martin Chittenden 1803-1812 Federalist
James Fisk 1805-1808, 1811-1814 Democratic Republican
James Witherell 1807-1808 Republican
Samuel Shaw 1807-1812 Republican
Jonathan Hatch Hubbard 1809-1810 Federalist
William Strong 1811-1814, 1819-1820 Republican
Ezra Butler 1813-1814 Republican
Richard Skinner 1813-1814 Republican
William Czar Bradley 1813-1814, 1823-1826 Republican
Charles Rich 1813-1824 Republican
Daniel Chipman 1815-1816 Federalist
Luther Jewett 1815-1816 Federalist
Chauncey Langdon 1815-1816 Federalist
Asa Lyon 1815-1816 Federalist
Charles Marsh 1815-1816 Federalist
John Noyes 1815-1816 Federalist
William Hunter 1817-1818 Republican
Heman Allen of Colchester 1817-1818 Republican
Orsamus Cook Merrill 1817-1820 Republican
Mark Richards 1817-1820 Republican
Samuel Chandler Crafts 1817-1824 Whig
Ezra Meech 1819-1820,1825-1826 Republican
Rollin Carolas Mallary 1819-1832 Republican
Elias Keyes 1821-1822 Republican
Phineas White 1821-1822
John Mattocks 1821-1826,1841-1856 Republican
Henry Olin 1823-1824 Republican
Daniel Azro Ashley Buck 1823-1824,1827-1828 Republican
George Edward Wales 1825-1828
Benjamin Swift 1827-1830 Whig
Jonathan Hunt Adams 1827-1832 Republican
William Cahoon 1829-1832 Anti-Masonic
Horace Everett 1829-1842 Whig
Heman Allen of Milton 1831-1838 Anti-Jacksonian
Hiland Hall 1831-1842 Anti-Jacksonian
William Slade 1831-1842 Whig
Benjamin F. Deming 1833-1834 Anti-Masonic
Henry Fisk Janes 1833-1836 Anti-Masonic
Isaac Fletcher 1837-1840 Democratic
John Smith 1839-1840 Democratic
Augustus Young 1841-1842 Whig
Paul Dillingham Jr. 1843-1846 Democratic
Solomon Foot 1843-1846 Whig
Jacob Collamer 1843-1848 Whig
George Perkins Marsh 1843-1850 Whig
William Henry 1847-1850 Whig
Lucius Benedict Peck 1847-1850 Democratic
William Hebard 1849-1852 Whig
James Meacham 1849-1856 Whig
Thomas Bartlett, Jr. 1851-1852 Democratic
Ahiman Louis Miner 1851-1852 Whig
Andrew Tracy 1853-1854 Whig
Alvah Sabin 1853-1856 Whig
George Tisdale Hodges 1855-1856 Republican
Justin Smith Morrill 1855-1866 Opposition
Homer Elihu Royce 1857-1860 Republican
Eliakim Persons Walton 1857-1862 Republican
Portus Baxter 1861-1866 Republican
Frederick Enoch Woodbrige 1863-1868 Republican
Worthington Curtis Smith 1867-1872 Republican
Luke Potter Poland 1867-1874,1883-1884 Republican
Charles Wesley Willard 1869-1874 Republican
George Whitman Hendee 1873-1878 Republican
Dudley Chase Denison 1875-1878 Republican
Charles Herbert Joyce 1875-1882 Republican
Bradley Barlow 1879-1880 Greenbacker
James Manning Tyler 1879-1882 Republican
William Wallace Grout 1881-1882,1885-1900 Republican
John Wolcott Stewart 1883-1990 Republican
Horace Henry Powers 1891-1900 Republican

Historical Representation to the US House by Party in the 1900s from Vermont
Party Total
     Democratic 1
     Republican 15
     Independent 1
Total Representatives 17
Representatives to the U.S. House in Vermont in the 1900s
Representative Years Served Party
Kittredge Haskins 1901-1908 Republican
David Johnson Foster 1901-1912 Republican
Frank Plumley 1909-1914 Republican
Frank Lester Greene 1911-1922 Republican
Porter Hinman Dale 1915-1922 Republican
Frederick Gleed Fleetwood 1923-1924 Republican
Ernest Willard Gibson 1923-1932 Republican
Elbert Sidney Brigham 1925-1930 Republican
John Eliakim Weeks 1931-1932 Republican
Charles Albert Plumley 1933-1950 Republican
Winston Lewis Prouty 1951-1958 Republican
William Henry Meyer 1959-1960 Democratic
Robert Theodore Stafford 1961-1972 Republican
Richard Walker Mallary 1971-1974 Republican
James Merrill Jeffords 1975-1988 Republican
Peter P. Smith 1989-1990 Republican
Bernard Sanders 1991-2006 Independent

Historical Representation to the US House by Party in the 2000s from Vermont
Party Total
     Democratic 1
     Independent 1
Total Representatives 2
Representatives to the U.S. House in Vermont in the 2000s
Representative Years Served Party
Bernard Sanders 1991-2006 Independent
Peter Welch 2007-Present Democratic