Ten initiatives approved for circulation in Montana

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May 13, 2010

HELENA, Montana: Ten initiatives have been certified for circulation in the state of Montana, as the latest one to be approved for signature gathering was I-164. The measure, also known as the loan interest rate limit question, would cap yearly interest rates of payday and title loans at 36 percent. The current interest rate is 400 percent. The initiative effort is being spearheaded by the organization, 400 Percent is Too High, and is being backed by Tom Jacobson. Jacobson is the executive director of Rural Dynamics.[1]

Petition circulators for initiatives have until the June 18, 2010 petition drive deadline to turn in the required number of signatures for ballot consideration. For proposed initiated constitutional amendments, petitions must gather 48,673 signatures, and 24,337 for proposed initiated state statutes.

The other nine measures that are circulating include:

Type Title Subject Description Status
CICA Life Begins at Conception Initiative Abortion Define life as beginning at conception Circulating
CISS Commercial Trapping Amendment Animal rights Prohibit commercial trapping of animals on public lands Circulating
CICA Trust Fund Amendment Admin. of gov't Establish and fund the Older Montanans Trust Fund Circulating
CISS Hunter Access Funding Initiative Environment Change how hunter access programs are funded. Circulating
CISS Eminent Domain Reform Amendment Eminent domain Reform laws in Montana governing eminent domain Circulating
CICA New Property Tax Elimination Amendment Property tax Prohibit any new tax on the sale or transfer of real property. Circulating
CICA Juries Right to Judge Amendment Admin. of gov't Give juries the right to judge law Circulating
CICA Citizen Grand Juries Amendment Admin. of gov't Allows citizens to convene grand juries Circulating
CICA Drug Treatment Proposal Alcohol Revenue from alcohol sales taxes to fund alcohol treatment programs Circulating

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