Tennessee Democrats want to delay election certification, desire investigation

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August 30, 2012


By Justin Haas

NASHVILLE, Tennessee Democratic leaders demanded that the Republicans in charge of the state's elections offices hold off certifying the results of the primary election, because some voter in Davidson County were given ballots for the Republican primary by default.[1]

Senators Jim Kyle and Lowe Finney and Representatives Craig Fitzhugh and Michael Turner wrote to Secretary of State Tre Hargett and elections coordinator Mark Goins, "there is good reason to believe that the results of the August election are in doubt."[1]

They also called for a full-scale investigation of the issues experienced by Davidson County. Some voters were mistakenly given ballots for the Republican primary because the new machines were defaulting to the Republican ballot.[1]

Blake Fontenay, a spokesman for Hargett and Goins, said "As for the call for an investigation, we’ve been looking into this matter since Aug. 16 and continue to do so.”[1]

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