Tennessee Supreme Court rules against Nissan North America in workers compensation case

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The Judicial Update

August 15, 2011

Tennessee: The Tennessee Supreme Court has ruled against Nissan in the case Alicia D. Howell vrs. Nissan North America Inc. The case centers around Alicia Howells carpal tunnel surgeries in 2006 and 2007 and her subsequent inability to return to work. Howells was unable to return to her previous position as an assembly worker at Nissan and she resigned, she then began working a minimum wage job where her health problems continued. The law allows for someone who has suffered permanent injury to seek additional compensation if they have not experienced a "meaningful return to work". After several appeals and ruling by the lower courts the case was finally brought to the supreme court where the court ruled that Howell was eligible for additional compensation and a 25% disability rating.[1]