Tennessee candidate takes residency dispute to Supreme Court

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May 31, 2012


NASHVILLE, Tennessee: A home divided between two counties has former Democratic candidate for the Tennessee House of Representatives taking her case to the Tennessee Supreme Court. Shelley Breeding filed to run for election to the 89th District, which is composed of Knox County. As with any election, Tennessee requires candidates to reside in the district in order to qualify. Unfortunately, Breeding and the Knox County Election Commission have a difference of opinion regarding the county in which her house is located.[1]

Breeding's driveway and mailbox are in Knox County, while her house is located in Anderson County. She works, votes, registers her car and serves jury duty in Knox County, while her mortgage company pays her taxes to Anderson County.[1]

In an appeal on the commission's ruling, Chancellor W. Frank Brown, of the Hamilton County Chancery Court, found that Breeding is indeed a resident of Anderson County.[2] Chancellor Brown's ruling is the one being appealed to the Supreme Court. The high court will hear the case due to the expediency and the nature of it. The primary election is set for August 2, and early voting begins July 13.[1]


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