Texas AG challenger accuses Greg Abbott of shifting immigration opinion

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September 8, 2010

AUSTIN, Texas: Barbara Ann Radnofsky, the Democratic nominee challenging two-term Attorney General of Texas Greg Abbott for the statewide office, has accused her opponent of shifting his opinion about illegal immigration in a "desire to appeal to race and politics which has overcome legal reason."[1] She points out that in a February 2004 press release he argued that "developing and enforcing immigration laws is the exclusive domain of the federal government."[1] This rebuke comes a little over a week after the State Attorney General in an interview with The Texas Tribune argued that "states have the authority to participate in the immigration enforcement issue."[1]

A spokesman for Abbott contends, however, that Radnofsky is taking the press release and its content out of context. While refuses to comment on whether or not Abbott's stance on the issue has shifted over the years, he did argue that at the time Abbott was attempting to fix the focus on his criminal case, rather then the far more complex issue of immigration; state rights simply was not a consideration six years ago.

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