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The Texas Association of School Administrators is a government sector lobbying association in Texas. The TASA is associated with the American Association of School Administrators, the national government sector lobbying association for School Administrators.

Taxpayer-funded lobbying

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The Texas Association of School Administrators has a registered lobbyist with the Texas Ethics Commission.[1]


The mission of the Texas Association of School Administrators is to promote, provide and develop leadership that champions educational excellence.

TASA provides support for school leaders through:

  • Fostering programs and activities that focus on leadership development
  • Impacting laws, policies, and practices that will improve education
  • Supporting and promoting research-based decision making
  • Developing, retaining, and supporting highly qualified educational leaders
  • Cultivating positive school climates in which quality education can thrive
  • Enhancing the influence of and respect for educational leaders
  • Recognizing diversity and building on commonalities
  • Serving as a catalyst for cooperative efforts

Goals and objectives

  • To promote and provide leadership for the advancement of education in order to attain programs that result in high levels of student achievement
  • To engage in activities that foster positive climates for learning and to advocate as a high priority of our society a public understanding of and support for quality education
  • To promote ongoing, proactive leadership that recognizes and utilizes a systemic approach to improvement and restructuring in education
  • To offer high-quality, professional development opportunities for educational leaders in order to promote effective organizational management and leadership
  • To impact laws, regulations, and decisions to improve the quality and effectiveness of education, and to elevate the status of educational leaders in the governmental decision-making process
  • To promote the development and effective utilization of advanced educational and administrative approaches and technologies
  • To recognize and respect diversity and to build upon commonalities between educational organizations in efforts to achieve mutual goals for the benefit of Texas schoolchildren
  • To provide educational leaders and their systems of education with well-managed, innovative services that assist in the orderly and effective discharge of professional responsibilities for quality education programs and student achievement


  • Syfr Conference
    • In partnership with Syfr, a company that provides professional development and related events for K-12 educators in the United States, TASA has a three-conference series where participants share new visions and solutions for public education.
  • Summer Conference on Education
    • The conference is designed to give superintendents in-depth information on key issues and potential solutions.
  • First-time Superintendents' Academy]
    • Conference participants gather to analyze issues and explore alternative strategies for effective leadership. New superintendents also orient themselves "to those relationships, practices, and priorities that are crucial to early and continued success."
  • TASB Convention
  • Texas Assessment Conference
  • Midwinter Conference
  • Education Expo 2010
  • Aspiring Superintendents' Academy

Income and expenses

Texas Association of School Administrators
Year Total expenses Total income Membership dues
(included in total income)
2006[2] $4,569,030 $5,079,583 $720,370
2005[3] $4,194,660 $4,474,475 $670,653
2004[4] $4,127,539 $4,355,614 $610,358

Note: Tax years begin September 1 in the previous year and end August 31.


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