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The Texas Association of School Boards is the Texas state chapter of the National School Boards Association, a government sector lobbying association.

Taxpayer-funded lobbying

See also: Texas government sector lobbying

The Texas Association of School Boards has a registered lobbyist with the Texas Ethics Commission.[1]

Income and expenses

Texas Association of School Boards
Year Total expenses Total income Membership dues
(included in total income)
1998[2] $3,512,680 $3,488,940 $2,525,295
1997[3] $3,405,910 $3,432,383 $2,458,043
1996[4] $3,325,600 $3,273,518 $2,356,253

Note: Tax years begin September 1 in the previous year and end August 31.

Lobbying priorities

The Texas Association of School Boards lists its lobbying priorities in its 2008-10 Priorities, adopted September 27, 2008.[5]

Adequacy: TASB supports an "inflation-indexed educational funding structure" that would provide state funding commensurate with the escalating cost of education. This would include the rising costs of utilities and transportation and would take into account increasing standards for student performance.[5]

Alignment of the State and Federal Accountability Systems: TASB supports a single, straightforward accountability system that recognizes individual student progress, reduces state testing, and implements constructive measures before sanctions.[5]

Career and Technology Education Programs: TASB seeks funding to implement career and technology programs and funding for certification exams beginning in middle school.[5]

Dropout Rates: TASB supports increased funding for the implementation of programs in public schools that provide interventions and curricular opportunities for at-risk students to decrease dropout rates.[5]

Equity: TASB supports an equitable formula-funded school finance system that would allow the public school system more authority over the funds from increasing property values.[5]

Facilities Funding: The association supports legislation that would increase equalized facilities funding for the Instructional Facilities Allotment. It also wants increased equalized facilities funding for the Existing Debt Allotment and legislation that would automatically roll forward the EDA each biennium for all bonded debt not covered by IFA.[5]

Pre-kindergarten: TASB supports an expanded pre-kindergarten program at local district option, including funding for expanded eligibility or a full class day.[5]

Salary and Benefits: TASB wants competitive salary and benefit packages for all school districts with an annual cost of living adjustment.[5]

Technology: TASB supports increased public technology funding.[5]

Unfunded Mandates: TASB opposes the imposition of unfunded or underfunded mandates.

Vouchers: TASB is opposed to private school vouchers, tuition tax credits, scholarships, and other such publicly-funded programs.[5]

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