Texas House Bill 3430 (2007)

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Texas House Bill 3430, signed into law by Texas Governor Rick Perry on June 15, 2007,[1] mandated that Texas's expenditures and funding allocations be placed online in a searchable database accessible to taxpayers. The bill was sponsored by Texas state representatives Mark Strama, Bryan Hughes, Corbin Van Arsdale, Juan Garcia, and Ken Paxton.[2]

Accordingly, the State Comptroller launched and now manages a website, the Texas Window on State Government,[3] in accordance with the bill's requirements.

Requirements of the bill

According to the bill's language, the State Comptroller, the agent responsible for implementing the provisions of the bill, must establish a "database of state expenditures, including contracts and grants, that is electronically searchable by the public" and, to "the extent possible, the comptroller shall present information in the database established under this section in a manner that is searchable and intuitive to users. The comptroller shall enhance and organize the presentation of the information through the use of graphical representations, such as pie charts..."[4]

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