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The Texas Legislative Reference Library is a general research and reference service agency that assists members of the Texas Legislature.


The Legislative Reference Library was created on an act of the Texas Legislature in 1969[1].

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Legislative Reference Library is to satisfy the reference and research needs of the Legislature, its staff, and its committees. Whenever possible within this framework, the library will assist the public and other state agencies with legislative research[1].


The Legislative Reference Library is governed by a six person board. The members include the President of the Texas State Senate, the Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, an at-large member from the Texas Legislature, and two additional appointees from the Lieutenant Governor with one from the Texas House Speaker[2].

The Board appoints a Director that oversees a 17 person staff[1].

Services offered

Legislative library

The Legislative Reference Library serves as the official reference house of the Texas Legislature. The Legislative Library holds records of past bills, constitutional amendments, and other legislative information of interest in the State of Texas[1].

Legislative research

The LRL serves as the research arm for Texas legislators and state agencies[1].


The LRL serves as the required record-keeping agency for Texas state agencies when they produce any new publications of interest[1].

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