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The "My Government Website" Project is a multi-year, hugely ambitious collaborative project of the Sunshine Review.

The goal is for Sunshine Review to host evaluations of the websites of every city, county, school district and state agency in all fifty states.

That'll take awhile.

To give a sense of the scope of the project, there are 3,140 counties in the United States. If each county has a website, that's 3,140 websites to look at, and there are at least 10 types of basic information each website should include. Altogether, to learn comprehensively what kind of information county websites do or don't provide, there are 31,400 separate pieces of information to look for and then write about on Sunshine Review (ten for each county website).

However, in the meantime, each evaluation of one single website is important, if it's the website for your city, county or school district.

Keeping track of progress

  • Progress reports is where Sunshine Review users can keep track of progress. There are lots of ways to help.