The Tuesday Count gets a push from Maine and Wyoming

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February 22, 2011

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By Bailey Ludlam

The Tuesday Count has been bumped. Maine officials certified two gambling related measures for the statewide ballot, moving the Tuesday Count to a total 6 ballot questions for upcoming 2011 elections.

However, should the Maine Legislature enact both measures without change then both the Maine Slot Machine Facility Question and Maine Racino Question will not appear on the ballot.

2011 wasn't the only election year to see a certification this last week. A seventh measure was added to the 2012 Tuesday Count following the referral of a Wyoming Healthcare Amendment. The legislatively-referred constitutional amendment, also known as SJR 2, would amend the state constitution regarding the federal Affordable Healthcare Act. If approved by voters, the measure would mark Wyoming as the third state to make such a change. The proposed measure cleared the House on February 15, 2011 following a 49-11 vote. Previously, the measure cleared the Senate with a 23-7 vote. The measure was signed and referred to the ballot by Governor Matt Mead on February 19, 2011.

A similar measure remains pending in the Kansas State Senate. The measure, which was first introduced in January 2010 to the state legislature, would exempt residents of Kansas from national mandates passed by the United States Congress that requires individuals to buy health care or mandate that employers provide it to their employees. In addition, the proposed amendment would guarantee that health care providers would receive direct payment from patients, and would be free of liability of fines and penalties.

RECENT PROPOSALS: Missouri, Missouri, Missouri

  • Missouri Hunting and Wildlife Amendment (2012) - calls for a two-thirds majority for voter approval of an initiative petition relating to harvesting bird, fish, game, wildlife, or forestry resources. An initiative petition that establishes, amends, or repeals sales taxes for conservation purposes would still require only a simple majority approval.
  • Missouri House of Representatives Amendment (2012) - proposes reducing the number of members and districts of the House of Representatives. The initiative is confirmed for petition circulation.
  • Missouri Income Tax Replacement Initiative (2012) - nine versions of this initiative were confirmed for circulation on Monday, February 21, by the state's secretary of state. The measure would phase out income taxes while levying a state sales tax on more purchases. According to reports, the sales tax would be capped at 7 percent and would include goods and services.
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SPOTLIGHT: Alcohol, taxes, school bonds and recalls on the ballot in the Midwest
Despite being months away from November 2011 elections, local voters in the Midwest are tackling some heavy issues. Today voters in both Illinois and Michigan cast their votes on everything from alcohol to taxes and even a recall question.

Specifically, in Illinois the Ward 3 area of Chicago was asked if they want to limit the hours of Aristo Food and Liquor and 200 Cut Rate Liquors as well as limit the types of alcoholic beverages being sold at the two stores. These four questions are not legally binding, they would just help ward officials to get a gauge of the feeling of residents in those areas.

Michigan county ballots primarily centered around school bond questions but also touched on taxes and recall. A total of 14 counties faced ballot measures on February 22, 2011. Gene Adkins, Theresa Bays and Alexander Sims faced a recall vote in Emmett Charter Township in Calhoun County. R. Gene Adkins currently serves as the Supervisor of Emmett Charter Township. Theresa L. Bays is the township's treasurer. Alexander Sims is a trustee on the board.

Stay tuned for election results and updates!

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