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The Wyoming Liberty Index

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The Wyoming Liberty Index, a study created in 2003 by Paul Bonneau, rates all final bills in the Wyoming State Legislature on whether the bills supported or hindered liberty.[1] Legislators are also given a "liberty score" based on their voting patterns. The Wyoming Liberty Index 2012 report was issued on the 61st Legislature during the 2012 budget session.[1] A higher score indicates a higher level of "aye" votes on bills considered pro-liberty and "nay" votes on what the organization considers anti-liberty bills. Scores range from the highest score (100%) to the lowest (0%). Because each state chamber voted on different bills, scores in the two chambers are not comparable.

2012 report

According to the report, 134 bills in the House and 123 bills in the Senate were voted on by legislators. Thirty-five bills deemed supportive of liberty passed while 36 bills viewed as detrimental to liberty failed, according to the Liberty Index. Also 46 bills considered detrimental to liberty passed while 62 failed. Legislators are scored against "Dr. No" (a hypothetical legislator who sponsors nothing and always votes no).

The top 11 members in the House considered most supportive of liberty were:

By a significant margin, Kroeker received the title of the "Most Liberty-Friendly Member of the House for 2012."

The "House Needs Improvement Club" were considered members of the legislature who most consistently voted against liberty. They were:

Throne received the title of "Most Liberty-Hostile Member of the House for 2012."

In the state Senate, the top 6 members who considered most supportive of liberty were:

For as long the index began rating the state Senate, Cale Case again earned the top spot, receiving in 2012 the title of "Most Liberty-Friendly Member of the Senate for 2012."

The "Senate Needs Improvement Club" included members of the state Senate who voted most consistently against liberty. They were:

Hastert received the title of "Most Liberty-Hostile Member of the Senate for 2011."

2012 Wyoming House Index

2012 Wyoming Senate Index


The Wyoming Liberty Index uses a large sample size of bills in calculating the ranking of legislators, which provides a stable ranking and makes sure no one bill disproportionately affects rankings.[2] The ratings given to bills follow three levels (-1, 0, and 1). In order to avoid any errors in assigning weights to particular bills, the author added a sensitivity analysis, which allows bills to randomly be adjusted up or down by one level or remain unadjusted, and is then compared "to the original ranking using the unperturbed bill weights." Rankings are approximate in order to take care of any misapplied weight for any bill. Bills were given substantial weight depending on the impact of the bill or the amount of citizens affected. If a bill lacked enough information or had positive and negative impacts that canceled each other out, the weight of 0 was given.[2]

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