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October 21, 2009

Just when you think you have enough wiggle room to grab a bite to eat, you look at the time and sadly find out that it is not your friend in the least bit. It’s Wednesday here in Portland, Maine and it seems that me and Father Time have been in a non-stop sparring match. But at least I have a system to keep me composed and ready to go head-on with my tasks; nothing a good cup of coffee, a few texts from my college sweetheart, an energy bar and some tunes from Al Green couldn’t fix. In lieu of this midpoint I’ve reached, I thought I’d summarize my first half here and preview my second half in The Pine Tree State.

First half

Skip Greenlaw and Newell Augur treated me to a friendly, and sometimes intense, debate that presented both sides of the arguments of Question 3. I got a couple of nice bumper stickers from each of them as well as scheduled interviews with both campaign leaders later on in the week.

Two interviews were scheduled on Tuesday, one with the aforementioned Skip Greenlaw and the other with Question 5 supporter Senator Joseph Brannigan. Mr. Greenlaw was a little rushed due to his busy schedule as he had just finished a TV interview and was then heading to a radio interview after. If a lot of people do not know about Question 3, Mr. Greenlaw is sure trying his best to get it out there.

Mr. Brannigan’s interview was more relaxed and in a more quieter setting. It proved to be a interview that gave me good insight on how legislature views Question 5. If I were asked what I had got from the interview, or what stuck out the most, was that although the issue of medical marijuana is tricky and raises plenty of questions, Maine’s legislature in general seems to want to make it work if passed.

Second half

Newell Augur’s interview will come shortly, as he has agreed to sit somewhere with us, even if it is in a “little coffee shop”, in his words. We’ll get an inside look of the other side of the Question 3 argument. Question 5 supporter Maine Medical Marijuana Initiative, Question 5 (2009)#SupportersJon Leavitt, leader of the Maine Marijuana Policy Initiative, has invited us to sit down at campaign headquarters to discuss the measure, what his campaign is doing to inform voters and what they plan to do if their efforts are defeated. I will also ask Mr. Leavitt if any events are planned for the rest of the time I’m here. Don LaRouche, leader of the Maine Citizens for Medical Marijuana, is an opponent of Question 5 and we’ll try to sit down with him to get a sense of why he’s against the measure but still for medical marijuana. Hopefully, one of these campaign leaders can point me in the direction of some polling to see where Maine residents may or may not be leaning.

So that‘s my time here in a nutshell: Interviews sandwiched between interview requests with a hint of campaign events sprinkled throughout. I’m halfway done and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I think Father Time has met his match.


  • Interesting fact: Maine is the only state in the country that borders only one state.[1]
  • You should have seen: The live music that plays here all the time. What impresses me the most is that it's all original songs that are played. I can hear it all from my window.
  • Coming soon: Hopefully we'll get some polling on both questions. That's been a challenge.

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