Third party candidates fight for spot on Oklahoma ballot

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September 13, 2012


By Johanna Herman

TULSA, Oklahoma: The group Americans Elect is trying to gain access to the Oklahoma ballot and allow for a third party Presidential nominee for the November election. The group took up the case to the Supreme Court to stop Oklahoma from printing its ballots before a decision is made on whether or not the group can be allowed on to the ballot. But the Oklahoma government stated that if they were to delay the printing of their ballots then those in the military who receive mail ballots would not get them in time to send them back in time for the election. The controversy for allowing the group on the ballot comes from the National Americans Elect group telling the state that they had failed to get a candidate for the ballot, but the Oklahoma chapter of the group stated that they had found a candidate and were acting independently of the national group. The National leader of the group cited that the State chapter does not have the authority to place a candidate on the ballot, while the State chapter has countered that they do have that power and are seeking to have their nominee on the ballot. The National group did collect the needed amount of signatures to place a candidate on the ballot, but it is unclear if that goes for the State group as well.[1]

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