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Thomas Jefferson Institute

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The Thomas Jefferson Institute (TJI) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit research and education organization in Virginia. Its stated mission is "to provide Virginia’s political, business, academic, community and media leadership with thoughtful, realistic, useful and nonpartisan analysis of public policy issues confronting our Commonwealth."[1]

TJI is founded on the belief in free markets, limited government and individual responsibility. Its main focuses are on reforming government, economic development, and improving health.

Policy centers

TJI is organized into five main policy areas: government reform, excellence in education, legislative analysis, environmental stewardship, and economic development.

Government reform

The Center for Government Reform seeks to evaluate state and local government in "its proper role in today's society and whether its fiscal and regulatory policies are a hindrance to economic development."


The Center for Excellence in Education analyzes the current education system and offers alternatives to its programs and policies. It seeks to improve the state's K-12 public education system, as well as higher education.

Legislative analysis

The goal of the Center for Legislative Analysis is to provide "credible and practical analysis of legislative initiatives from a nonpartisan, yet philosophical, perspective."


The Center for Environmental Stewardship recognizes the natural resources of Virginia and seeks to "explore the nature of environmentalism in the context of meeting all human needs."

Economic development

JPI believes "the key to a growing economy is increased economic development and a decrease in government intrusion into the market place." To that end, the Center for Economic Development looks at the impact of specific issues on economic development.

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