Thornton & La Grange Park Village Electrical Aggregation Questions, 2 (March 2012)

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Two Village Electrical Aggregation Questions were on the March 20, 2012 ballot in the villages of Thornton and La Grange Park which are in Cook County.

Both measures were approved[1]

The Thornton village measure sought to allow village officials to seek out bids for electricity for residents in the village. The goal will be to have other companies bid and allow for lower rates for those who participate in the program. Thornton officials noted that they are following the example set by other villages in the area which were able to save money for their residents.[2]

The La Grange Park village measure sought to also aggregation village electricity, allowing for residents to opt out of the program if they want to. Village officials will be able to solicit for other bids outside the current provider in order to obtain the lowest rate for residents.[3]