Thorsby Town Wet/Dry Referendum (2010)

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There was a Thorsby Town Wet/Dry Referendum on June 8 in Chilton County for voters in the town of Thorsby.

This measure was approved

  • YES 310 Approveda
  • NO 208[1]

The petitioners collected enough signatures to get this issue on the June ballot for town residents to vote on. The petition ended up with 183 verified signatures. Council members were split on the issue but all agreed that voters deserved the right to decide either way.[2]

As of November 7, the petitioners had collected 145 signatures and they needed at least 159, which would be 30 percent of registered voters from the 2008 election. The petition had started to circulate in July and supporters had a hard time getting the required amount, but the head of the group pushing it believes that they will go over the needed number. They believe that legalizing the sale of alcohol would help the city because it would create a tax on the alcohol which the city then would be able to use to support projects and town functions.[3]