Three veto referenda could be possibility for Idaho ballot

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March 22, 2011

BOISE, Idaho: Three laws, three veto referenda - that's the mentality behind three proposed measures that may be on the Idaho 2012 statewide ballot. Currently, two measures have been filed in response to two different education bills that were recently signed into law. One measure would repeal a newly passed law that relates to teachers' collective bargaining agreements. According to reports, the law ends tenure and removes issues like workload and class size from contract negotiations. The second referendum was filed to repeal a similar law also dealing with collective bargaining.[1]

The proposed veto referenda were filed with the Idaho elections office on March 18, 2011. The third veto referendum may be filed if a pending third education-related law is signed into effect.[2]

In order for a proposed veto referendum to be placed on the 2012 statewide ballot for Idaho voters to decide, at least 47,432 signatures must be collected within 60 days after lawmakers leave for the session.[1]

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