Thurston County, Washington

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Thurston County is one of 39 counties in Washington.

Website evaluation

Last rated February 14, 2012.

The good

  • Budget information is provided.[1]
  • Commissioners listed with contact information. Meeting minutes, agendas and schedule posted.[2]
  • Local tax information is provided.[3][4]
  • Annual financial reports available.[5]
  • Administrative officials listed under respective departments.[6]
  • Building permits[7] and zoning information provided.[8]

The bad


  • A new jail that costs 430,000 dollars a year in Thurston County is sitting empty, though it was created to ease the overcrowded burden from the shoulders of the main Thurston County jail. After the cutting-edge $45 million Accountability and Restitution Center jail complex was built, jail population decreased and it became cheaper to pay the money to maintain an empty jail than to fill it.[11]

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