Tipton City Fire Department Loan, Measure B (November 2009)

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There was a Tipton City Fire Department Loan, Measure B on the November 2 ballot in Cedar County for residents in the city of Tipton.

The measure was approved.[1]

  • Yes: 522 (70.16%)Approveda
  • No: 222 (29.84%)

This measures asked voters if they would agree to the city taking out a loan in the amount of $2,150,000 to fun the construction and furnishing of a new city fire station building.[2]

The question on the ballot read:

Shall the City of Tipton, in Cedar County, Iowa, enter into a loan agreement and borrow money in an amount not exceeding the amount of $2,150,000 for the purposes of paying the cost, to that extent, of constructing, furnishing and equipping a new fire station?[3]

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