Today's elections feature 83 measures across four states, Phoenix voters to decide on pension reform that could save the city nearly $600 million

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March 12, 2013

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By Josh Altic

Local ballot measures are being decided in four states today. Measures on the ballot include two pension reform measures in Phoenix that could save taxpayers almost $600 million by 2037. In Arizona, Florida, California and Oregon, voters will directly decide 83 different measures, including key issues such as pension reform, taxes and salaries of local officials.

To read more about these ballot measures and to see the outcome of each race follow Ballotpedia's coverage of the elections in Arizona, California, Florida and Oregon.

Election results for the Phoenix Pension reform measures will be reported here as soon as they become available when polls close tonight.

Below is a break down of the election in each state.


There are 17 measures on the ballots in this election.
  • 6 measures seek authorization for Alternative Expenditures in various towns and cities.
  • 2 measures seek city pension plan reform in Phoenix.
  • 1 measure concerns a sales tax increase.
  • 1 measure would authorize a home rule charter for the Town of Hayden.
  • The remaining measures concern jurisdiction changes and administration of government.

Notable measures:

  • 2 measures in Phoenix City seek pension reform for city employees. According to a City Council report, this pension reform could save the taxpayers nearly $600 million over the next 23 years. Early voting on this issues began on February 23.


There are only two measures on the ballots in California for this election, which is the second date in 2013 upon which local ballot measure elections were scheduled to take place in California. These two measures seek to authorize parcel taxes for the San Marino Unified School District and the South Pasadena Unified School District

The previous election date was March 5, 2013 on which day 16 ballot measures, six mayoral races and three Los Angeles Unified School Board races were decided.

Ballot measures:


There are 58 measures on the ballots in this Florida election.
  • 51 of these measures were city charter amendments
12 amendments dealt with election, voting and campaigns laws.
8 amendments dealt with term limits for elected officials.
The remaining charter amendments dealt with various other city governance issues such as salaries of officials and local energy issues.
  • The 7 measures that were not charter amendments dealt with building codes, residence density regulation, utilities and tax exemption.

Notable measures:


There are 6 local measures on the ballots today.
  • 2 city charter amendments
  • 2 property tax renewal measures; 1 for a school district and 1 for a fire district.
  • 1 business incentive zoning measure
  • 1 out-door lighting ordinance

Notable measures:

  • Albany City voters in Benton and Linn Counties will be deciding on two charter amendments on March 12. The first amendment seeks to require voter approval for the creation of alteration of urban renewal districts. The second amendment seeks to establish more severe credit limitations for the city in order to cut down the amount of money borrowed by the city.

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