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Todd Watson
Todd Watson.jpg
Former candidate for
U.S. Senate, Nebraska
Elections and appointments
Last electionNovember 4, 2014
Term limitsN/A
Campaign website
Todd Watson was a 2014 Independent candidate seeking election to the U.S. Senate from Nebraska.[1] He was defeated in the general election by Ben Sasse (R) in the general election on November 4, 2014.


Campaign themes


Watson listed the following "stances" on his campaign website:[2]

  • Pro-life
  • Taxes: "Keep Rates the Same and Dramatically Lower Spending — Pay Off Debt and Lower Deficits! Our kids deserve better."
  • Obamacare: "Repeal it, Defund it, Forget it. In addition, we will attack Republican special interest laws that keep healthcare rates high after the repeal. Market based solutions can work if Republicans abandon laws that profit healthcare special interest groups and Democrats embrace the free market. We must be careful not to run back to the party of special interest. They inflamed the move to socialized medicine by passing special interest laws that created runaway healthcare inflation for the American people in the first place."
  • Entitlements: "Deal With the Problem–Do Not Ignore It. We are in favor of delaying Social Security by 3 years for those currently 55 and younger. It is time for tough decisions to keep Social Security/Medicare safe for the oldest Americans."
  • Personally Declaring God is in Control: "We believe our collective obedience and relationship to God is paramount to the future of this country. Obedience is a personal choice and not a Government mandated belief. I believe the collective choices people make in their obedience will determine the rise and fall of this great country. This personal belief will be communicated."
  • Protecting Religious Liberty: "We must keep government out of the business of violating Biblical principles and fight to protect free exercise and free speech of religion."
  • 2nd Amendment Rights: "I support 2nd Amendment Rights. Protecting schools and people starts with discussions of morality and views of God’s Ten Commandments. Our children’s souls and sense of morality matter. Discussing morality should be the starting point for those serious about protecting individuals from gun violence."
  • Balanced Budget: "I will not stand with either party in support of raising the deficit. The inability of the Republicans to deal with bloated entitlements/defense spending and the Democrats with a continued unlimited spending approach at attempted social welfare must stop. One of our most important challenges in this country is to attack our deficit and debt. Both parties have a 30 year track record with Both having a significant role in growing the debt. The current budget agreement reflects Both parties failure to address the problem."
  • Freedom From Party Money and Power: "People think candidates and stances matter. They do when they are not a member of a party. Americans know that the votes of party candidates are significantly controlled by the party after they are elected. We know they sound good when running but we know the outcomes are always the same. We already see the power brokers paying for and endorsing ”new” campaigns. Do you believe any candidate that receives large amounts of money and key endorsements of “party leaders” will change the system? Do you think they would have received those endorsements and all that money if they were not going to support the party leaders or pull the party line? Don’t be naive. We hear from the leaders of these parties–not our candidates after they are elected. Why? Because they have the say. Some believe you have to join the system to change it. We have 30 years of proof to know those compromising to the party will not work. We will be Independent to represent the citizens of Nebraska–not the party. Independent voices are needed to get these parties to work. 9% approval ratings should make this decision easy for the voter. The brainwashing of voters with millions in campaign money–makes this hard. However, if there is any state left that can overcome the emotion of advertising and use their brains to learn from history–it is Nebraska."
  • Strong but Limited Defense: "The Republicans have bloated spending caused by numerous wars. The Cold War, The Iraq War, and The war in Afghanistan have been big contributors to our national debt. We need to get out of being the World police. I support strikes against terrorist groups. I do not support 10 year occupations to change a country. We need a defined and limited scope of our military. We need a dominant force to enforce liberty and not use this group to supervise foreign citizens as well as be the voice of social change in the world."
  • Invest in Modern Warfare: "Billion dollar expenditures on big steel machines that rust in the yard while providing incomplete supplies to those currently serving is unwise. Reducing benefits to our veterans while continuing to spend additional money for weapons that have lost strategic relevance is ignorant. Both parties need to wake up. Billions in nuclear war heads, billions in large machines, although nice, is not a smart strategic deployment of resources in an age where we are $17 trillion in the hole and have veterans suffering from war related issues at home. Don’t take my word for it–listen to the significant military leaders going on the record against the utility of these weapons we continue to buy and testify to the needs of those veterans who paid the price...Finally, we must put our faith in God before our defense (not the other way around) systems for true protection. God can beat any army big or small and we should have a strong desire to be in his will and on his side long before the fight."
  • Energy: "Energy independence is a big deal. We have the supplies in this country to reduce if not eliminate our dependence on foreign oil. We must reign in the EPA’s limitations on refineries, the attack on coal, etc. that keep us from maximizing our home grown national resources and lower the prices at the pump. Second, we must stop large subsidies and tax benefits to Big Oil. Oil companies funding Republican candidates to protect their interests hurt Americans. The elimination of breaks the Republicans enforce for Big Oil would lower our deficit. Our bankrupt country can no longer afford tax benefits and subsidies for the most profitable industry in the world. Third, we have a large supply of natural gas. We must take advantage of this abundant resource to move us towards energy independence. Fourth, we need to invest in research not companies. Keep the government out of picking winners. Let the government support science not take home pay of science related industries. We need a long term energy plan in Washington to start charting a 30 year course that can improve national security, lower our input costs for businesses, and improve the quality of life at home with lower energy bills.
  • Food Independence: "Food is a need–not a special interest. Crop insurance is vitally important to our farmers. Livestock indemnity programs are beneficial to our ranchers as well. Mitigating risk for those creating our food supply is wise for the long term price stability of our food and the financial stability of farmers. We need protections in place for our producers so that they can get back on their feet when disaster strikes in any given year. We need more producers not less (due to disaster) to keep our food supply robust and affordable. We have taken strong pro farmer positions from the very beginning of this campaign. We know the first farm bill was better than the second farm bill. However, we know the first farm bill failed due to lack of support from Republican committee chairmen in the house (See WSJ article we cited in our blog on December 26th). Furthermore, we know the second farm bill was held hostage by the fighting between the parties. We need an Independent advocating for our farmers at home. Our country needs a healthy farmer for a healthy food supply. Both parties were failing with the farm bill that was vital in not only protecting the American farmer but giving them long term policy to make wise capital investment decisions."
  • Infrastructure Investment: "Candidates that stress they will create jobs need to learn one thing. Businesses are in the business of creating jobs–not government. The government is in the business of creating a positive environment so that businesses create the jobs. As a business owner that has started 4 companies–I know business works. Energy policy, working on healthcare costs, repealing Obamacare, eliminating wasteful regulations, and building/improving infrastructure are 5 solid areas to create a better environment for business and employees to thrive. Government should invest in projects that help all industries grow. We have outdated ports, rail, roads, fiber, etc. Improving our infrastructure is the smart place to deploy money if you are looking to improve the economy top to bottom. Helping our products/services reach global markets cheaper, faster, better is a way to win in the global economy."
  • Get the Government Out of Business: "The government needs to quit being a cog or subsidy in private enterprise. Businesses built on government money is just one more crutch we can’t afford. The sustainability of these industries that rely on the government is dangerous. We are now in a bounty of situations where companies need that next government check to keep their uncompetitive business going. The choices between economic efficiency and keeping families employed is hard. Employment or subsidies have won and the collective taxpayer has lost. We are at a point in time where real tough decisions are needed. Friends, a good place to start is quit funding industries and jobs based on subsidies in the first place. Furthermore, the government guarantee of prices in education, healthcare, and drugs is the biggest reason these industries are out of whack in price and are problem points in American life today. We need to find a way to get market forces in and the government out of industry. Finally, we can no longer afford credits for “good” things. If good things need to be adopted let’s pass tariffs on the bad instead (this will be much harder to do in Washington, will help the deficit, and only raise the best of the best developments to the top). $17 trillion says the taxpayer cannot afford favorable benefits for anyone. Our approach to incenting progress must change–we are broke."
  • Immigration: "Strengthen the border first. Enforce the rule of law out of principle until border security is committed to. Immediately pass legislation that prevents the splitting of families. Deport or retain the entirety of the family but do not split kids under 18 from their parents. In my opinion, splitting families is not a God fearing action in the duty of deportation. Harming kids (illegal or illegal) is not an option no matter how one arrived to this land. Kids must be a paramount concern of any immigration law. Finally, After border security is seriously funded and committed to – work on a path to residency for the 11 to 13 million illegal immigrants for those with an honorable and clean record of being here for longer than a decade (retroactive to a specific date). Our economy/GDP/Tax base and people living in the shadows will all benefit."
  • Marriage: "We believe marriage is reserved between one man and one woman. However, we are tired of being asked on the subject as if this is the only social issue in the land today. We believe this social issue causes other social issues to become mute that need attention. We have gluttony problems, heterosexual marriage problems causing harm to kids and spouses, idol of money issues, and the list goes on and on. They are all important issues. We as legislators must speak good guidance and more importantly put solid laws on the book that reflect God’s design on how to live a life of amazing freedom (far above our cherished American freedom that we love as well). We must work on all issues in culture that break down society."
  • Religious Views: "We have to understand we all have sinned and have failed with his perfect design as a starting point. We are all humanly deprived. I believe in the power of Christ based on God’s unfailing word and the power of prayer to create transformational change. Why does that matter to one who says, “What does this have to do with governing?” Secular institutions have been successful in helping people for the better as well. Don’t take this as a zero effective declaration on these institutions. However, our social condition in this country continues to decline despite Our numerous attempts to heal Ourselves. The continued decline of social conditions is a solid verdict at the failure of government and ourselves at attempting to fix our problems. It is time to speak the truth–not political correctness. We need help beyond our own understanding to be collectively great again."



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Watson ran in the 2014 election for the U.S. Senate, to represent Nebraska. He was defeated in the general election by Ben Sasse (R) in the general election on November 4, 2014.

U.S. Senate, Nebraska General Election, 2014
Party Candidate Vote % Votes
     Republican Green check mark transparent.pngBen Sasse 64.4% 347,636
     Democrat Dave Domina 31.5% 170,127
     Independent Jim Jenkins 2.9% 15,868
     Independent Todd Watson 1.2% 6,260
Total Votes 539,891
Source: Nebraska Secretary of State

Campaign donors


Candidates for Congress were required to file up to seven main reports with the Federal Election Commission during the 2014 elections season. Below are Watson's reports.[3]

Todd Watson (2014) Campaign Finance Reports
ReportDate FiledBeginning BalanceTotal Contributions
for Reporting Period
ExpendituresCash on Hand
April Quarterly[4]April 14, 2014$0.00$10,957.00$(6,162.00)$4,795.00
July Quarterly[5]July 8, 2014$4,795.00$126,908.07$(21,265.03)$110,438.04
October Quarterly[6]October 13, 2014$110,438.04$13,192.31$(9,203.00)$114,427.35
Pre-General[7]October 22, 2014$114,427.35$3,580.58$(7,462.78)$110,545.15
Running totals

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