Toledo City Council Reduction Measure (2009)

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The Toledo City Council Reduction Measure was a ballot measure that was on the September 15, 2009 ballot in Lucas County for voters in the City of Toledo. The measure proposed allowing residents the opportunity to vote on whether or not to reduce the city council from 12 to 9.[1]

The measure was proposed by the Toledo Citizens Organized to Bring Reform and Accountability. Their campaign, called "9 is Fine," circulated a petition that gathered more than 7,000 signatures. The group submitted the petition to the city council on June 13, 2009, but was challenged by former Councilman Rob Ludeman. Ludeman cited flawed wording that conflicted with the Ohio Constitution. However, the council ruled that they could not keep the measure off of the September 15 ballot.[2]

The measure was defeated.[3]

  • Yes: 16648 (47.32%)
  • No: 18537 (52.69%)Defeatedd

Text of measure

The ballot language reads as follows:[4]

The Council Except as reserved to the people by this Charter, the

legislative power of the City shall be vested in a Council of nine (9) members elected at the 2009 regular City election and thereafter. Members of Council shall be elected in 2009 and in subsequent regular City elections as follows: (a) One (1) Council member shall be elected from each of six (6) districts constituted pursuant to Section 27(A) of this Charter, and (b) Three (3) Council members shall be elected at-large in 2009 for a term of two (2) years and in 2011 for a term of four (4) years thereafter as defined forthwith. One (1) Council member shall be elected from each of three (3) Super Districts consisting of two (2) of the six (6) districts constituted pursuant to Section 27(A) of this Charter at the 2011 regular City election and thereafter. The Apportionment Board shall be responsible for determining the Super Districts. Super District shall be defined as a district for purposes of Section 28 of this Charter. Vacancies in Council shall be filled by election of the remaining members of the Council of an individual qualified to serve as a member of Council in accordance with this Charter. In the event Council fails to fill such vacancy within thirty (30) days of the occurrence of any vacancy, then the Mayor shall fill such vacancy. Such individual shall serve by appointment until a successor is elected and qualified at an election as specified herein. Any section(s) of the Charter inconsistent with the intent and purpose of this Section shall be construed so as to affect enactment of this Section. Effective with the municipal general election in 2009, the top six (6) vote getters at the municipal primary election advance to the municipal general election and

thereafter pursuant to the Charter.

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