Tommy Segner recall, Fredericksburg, Texas (2012)

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A vote about whether to recall Tommy Segner from his elected position on the city council of Fredericksburg, Texas, took place on May 12th, 2012.[1] Segner was recalled from his position.[2] In addition to being up for recall, Segner filed to run for mayor in the May 12th election.[3] Segner lost the mayoral election.[4]

Reasons for recall

The federal government filed suit against Segner over $420,505 in back taxes that Segner, his wife, and his company owe dating back to 2001.[5] The lawsuit says that the Internal Revenue Service tried on numerous occasions to bring Segner into compliance, but "efforts to educate Mr. Segner as to the process and importance of these payroll tax statutes have proved futile. Tax returns continue to be filed late, if at all, with little or no payments in them.”[6]

Segner admitted to being delinquent in tax payments, but disputed the amount owed. He called the recall effort against him "inappropriate, judgmental and personal in nature.”[7]

Path to the ballot

The recall effort was organized by Segner's fellow city council members Tim Dooley and Graham Pearson. Recall petitions began circulating on January 13th. 595 signatures were validated out of a required minimum of 457. A recall election was scheduled for May 12th, 2012.[1]

Segner threatened to file suit if the recall question was placed on the ballot, but he did not take any legal action. Segner announced that he would challenge current mayor Tom Musselman and former mayor Jeryl Hoover in the May 12th elections[8] Segner lost the mayoral election, receiving 279 votes, while victor Jeryl Hoover received 1,176 votes.[4] Segner was also recalled from office.[2]

Election results

  • Votes to recall Tommy Segner: 1,163 Approveda
  • Votes to retain Tommy Segner: 844

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