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Townsend, Raimundo, Besler & Usher (TBR&U) is a political consulting firm in California.

On TBR&U's website, they describe themselves as "one of California's best known public advocacy firms" and go on to say, "TRB&U is a widely respected manager of statewide, regional and local initiative and public affairs campaigns. With budgets ranging from $100,000 to $50 million, our record speaks for itself. Over the past decade, we've won over 80 percent of the ballot measures we've run."


David J. Townsend, Jeff Raimundo and Sharon Usher are principals in the firm.

  • Townsend's website description says, "He has successfully managed California initiative campaigns for several years. Mr. Townsend has an over 80 percent winning record, managing budgets as high as $40 million."
  • Raimundo's website description says that he is "particularly expert in managing and winning transportation, school and local government finance ballot measure campaigns. His campaigns have included sales tax measures for transportation in San Diego, San Bernardino and Sacramento, a three-county bond measure for earthquake safety improvements to BART and local housing, library and school construction bond measures in Sacramento."
  • Usher, who is married to David J. Townsend, is the firm's chief executive officer. She was the deputy chief administrative officer to the state Assembly Rules Committee in the 1990s.

Ballot measure work

Worked for yes campaign
Worked for no campaign


In 2010, Townsend, Raimundo, Besler & Usher consulted for two of the statewide propositions on the California ballot:


Defeatedd California Proposition 7 (2008). TBR&U worked for the opponents of Proposition 7.

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