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This was a list of possible additions to the Transparency checklist that Sunshine Review staff considered.

Possible additions

  • Municipal Code: The website should include access to the municipalities ordinances (the Municipal Code Book)(1)
  • User-Friendly: The website should include a search bar; the menu bar should be consistent throughout the site and architecturally designed to clearly identify where a user can find what they are searching for; alt-tags for all images should be in place to enable handicap accessibility; all links should be working properly; sound files should not be attached in the background and should be accessible through a clickable link; with downloadable materials, there should be some type of labeling of the file sizes and also what file type(s) were used (i.e. .pdf, .doc, .xls, .ppt, etc.);
  • Security: Web site directory structures should remain consistent with the topic (there should be no advanced encryption in the directory structure to circumvent various abuses via the search engines while properly key wording the materials); any financial transaction (such as bill paying) should be processed via a secure server;
  • Privacy: The website should include a privacy policy that describes how they collect, maintain, and use the data, including notification of any cookie placement or any other tracking method; pursuant to Illinois statute, all collectors of information are obligated to notify the individuals affected by a data breach, except in circumstances where such an act would inhibit law enforcement from performing their duties;
  • Public Service Announcements: The website should act as a virtual broadcasting of various types of information important to a citizen, such as information/links regarding identity theft and safety and security advertisements directly related to the agency.
  • Other: Some type of date/time stamping mechanism should be located at the bottom of the page along with reference to who is actually responsible for the maintenance of website and contact information; date/time stamping techniques should be in place so that a visitor can tell how recent the information is they are reviewing (especially with agendas, contracts/bidding and ordinances);
  • Local salaries: In 2013, Sunshine Review is adding executive and legislative salaries to its state transparency checklist. We may also begin requiring sometime in the future the disclosure of salaries for local governments including counties, municipalities, townships, villages, and school districts.

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