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To browse our information about all state courts and judges across the nation, click on your state or view the list of trial courts below:

Courts in NevadaCourts in AlaskaCourts in HawaiiCourts in ArizonaCourts in UtahCourts in New MexicoCourts in ColoradoCourts in WyomingCourts in CaliforniaCourts in OregonCourts in WashingtonCourts in IdahoCourts in MontanaCourts in North DakotaCourts in South DakotaCourts in NebraskaCourts in KansasCourts in OklahomaCourts in TexasCourts in MinnesotaCourts in IowaCourts in MissouriCourts in ArkansasCourts in LouisianaCourts in MississippiCourts in AlabamaCourts in WisconsinCourts in IllinoisCourts in TennesseeCourts in KentuckyCourts in IndianaCourts in MichiganCourts in OhioCourts in GeorgiaCourts in FloridaCourts in South CarolinaCourts in North CarolinaCourts in VirginiaCourts in West VirginiaCourts in PennsylvaniaCourts in New YorkCourts in VermontCourts in New HampshireCourts in MassachusettsCourts in Rhode IslandCourts in ConnecticutCourts in New JerseyCourts in DelawareCourts in MarylandCourts in Washington, D.C.Courts in MaineUS map instr.png

The following list includes the non-appellate, lower courts in each state. Though some of these courts may not hear trials, they have been included here for the sake of providing readers with a comprehensive list of all lower courts in each state. The first court listed for each state is the trial court of general jurisdiction--the top-level, non-appellate court in the state.[1]


Alabama Circuit Courts | Alabama District Courts | Alabama Probate Courts | Alabama Municipal Courts


Alaska Superior Courts | Alaska District Courts


Arizona Superior Courts | Arizona Justice Courts | Arizona Municipal Courts


Arkansas Circuit Courts | Arkansas District Courts | Arkansas City Courts


California Superior Courts


Colorado District Courts | Colorado County Courts | Colorado Probate Court: Denver | Colorado Juvenile Court: Denver | Colorado Municipal Courts


Connecticut Superior Courts | Connecticut Probate Courts


Superior Court of Delaware | Delaware Court of Common Pleas | Delaware Family Court | Delaware Court of Chancery | Delaware Justice of the Peace Courts | Delaware Alderman's Courts


Florida Circuit Courts | Florida County Courts


Georgia Superior Courts | Georgia State Courts | Georgia Probate Courts | Georgia Juvenile Courts | Georgia Magistrate Courts | Georgia Municipal Courts


Hawaii Circuit Courts | Hawaii Family Courts | Hawaii District Courts


Idaho District Courts | Idaho Magistrate Division


Illinois Circuit Courts


Indiana Superior Courts | Indiana Circuit Courts | Indiana Small Claims Courts | Indiana Probate Court: St. Joseph County | Indiana Municipal Courts | Indiana Tax Court


Iowa District Courts


Kansas District Courts | Kansas Municipal Courts


Kentucky Circuit Courts | Kentucky District Courts | Kentucky Family Court


Louisiana District Courts | Louisiana Family Court | Louisiana Juvenile Courts | Louisiana Parish Courts | Louisiana Justice of the Peace Courts | Louisiana City Courts | Louisiana Mayor's Courts | Louisiana Municipal Courts | Louisiana Magistrate Courts | Louisiana Traffic Courts


Maine Superior Courts | Maine District Courts | Maine Probate Courts


Maryland Circuit Courts | Maryland District Courts | Maryland Orphans' Court


Massachusetts Superior Courts | Massachusetts District Courts | Massachusetts Probate and Family Courts | Massachusetts Juvenile Courts | Massachusetts Housing Courts | Massachusetts Boston Municipal Courts | Massachusetts Land Courts


Michigan Circuit Courts | Michigan District Courts | Michigan Probate Courts


Minnesota District Courts | Minnesota Tax Court | Minnesota Workers' Compensation Court of Appeals


Mississippi Circuit Courts | Mississippi Chancery Court | Mississippi County Courts | Mississippi Justice Courts | Mississippi Municipal Courts


Missouri Circuit Courts | Missouri Municipal Courts


Montana District Courts | Montana City Courts | Montana Justice Courts | Montana Water Court | Montana Workers' Compensation Court | Montana Municipal Courts


Nebraska District Courts | Nebraska County Courts | Nebraska Separate Juvenile Courts | Nebraska Problem-Solving Courts | Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court


Nevada District Courts | Nevada Justice Courts | Nevada Municipal Courts

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Superior Courts | New Hampshire Circuit Courts | New Hampshire District Courts | New Hampshire Probate Courts

New Jersey

New Jersey Superior Courts | New Jersey Municipal Courts | New Jersey Tax Court

New Mexico

New Mexico District Courts | New Mexico Magistrate Courts | New Mexico Probate Courts | New Mexico Bernalillo Metropolitan Court | New Mexico Municipal Courts | New Mexico Problem-Solving Courts | New Mexico Workers' Compensation Administration Court

New York

New York Supreme Courts | New York County Courts | New York Family Courts | New York Surrogates' Courts | New York Court of Claims | New York District Courts | New York City Civil Court | New York City Criminal Courts | New York City Courts | New York Problem Solving Courts | New York Town and Village Courts

North Carolina

North Carolina Superior Courts | North Carolina District Courts

North Dakota

North Dakota District Courts | North Dakota Municipal Courts


Ohio Courts of Common Pleas | Ohio County Courts | Ohio Municipal Courts | Ohio Court of Claims


Oklahoma District Courts | Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Court


Oregon Circuit Courts | Oregon County Courts | Oregon Justice Courts | Oregon Municipal Courts | Oregon Tax Court


Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas | Pennsylvania Magisterial Districts | Pennsylvania Municipal Court: Philadelphia | Pennsylvania Municipal Court: Pittsburgh

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Superior Courts | Rhode Island District Courts | Rhode Island Family Courts | Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal | Rhode Island Workers' Compensation Court

South Carolina

South Carolina Circuit Courts | South Carolina Masters-in-Equity | South Carolina Family Courts | South Carolina Magistrate Courts | South Carolina Probate Courts | South Carolina Municipal Courts

South Dakota

South Dakota Circuit Courts | South Dakota Magistrate Courts


Tennessee Chancery Courts | Tennessee Circuit Courts | Tennessee Criminal Courts | Tennessee General Sessions Courts | Tennessee Juvenile Courts | Tennessee Probate Courts | Tennessee Municipal Courts


Texas District Courts | Texas County Courts | Texas County Courts at Law | Texas Probate Courts | Texas Justice of the Peace Courts | Texas Municipal Courts


Utah District Courts | Utah Juvenile Courts | Utah Justice Courts


Vermont Superior Courts | Vermont Judicial Bureau


Virginia Circuit Courts | Virginia District Courts | Virginia Magistrates


Washington Superior Courts | Washington District Courts | Washington Municipal Courts

West Virginia

West Virginia Circuit Courts | West Virginia Family Courts | West Virginia Magistrate Courts | West Virginia Municipal Courts


Wisconsin Circuit Courts | Wisconsin Municipal Courts


Wyoming District Courts | Wyoming Circuit Courts | Wyoming Municipal Courts

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