Tuesday's election features 217 measures across four states, including nearly $1 billion in requested bond money and a proposed ban on funding nuclear weapon production

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April 1, 2013

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By Josh Altic

With 217 measures on the ballots throughout cites, counties and school district across Colorado, Florida, Missouri and Wisconsin, local voters are all set to make big changes in their communities on issues ranging from term limits and salaries of local officials and school bonds and taxes to corporate free speech and prohibiting nuclear weapon production financing.

Throughout Missouri and Wisconsin there are 78 bond measures requesting a total of $941,768,000 in bond money, $852,970,000 of which is being requested by local school districts. Also in Missouri, Kansas City voters have the chance to prohibit the city government from financing or offering any incentives to the Honeywell nuclear weapon plant, which provides 80% of the components for U.S. nuclear weapon production.

In Colorado, there is an effort to increase the salaries of city commissioners in the City of Colorado Springs. This is, according to supporters of the measure, the only way to get young and low-income people to become active in government and thus provide proper representation of the residents.

And in Wisconsin, two cities join the growing movement of local voters requesting country-wide limitations of corporate free speech and campaign donation rights through a constitutional amendment.

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Below is a break down of the April 2, 2013 elections in each state.


Only 5 measures were found posted on County websites.
  • 2 measures concerned the sale or zoning of city property.
  • 1 measure was a charter amendment seeking to increase the City Council salary.
  • 1 measure concerned the allocation of sales taxes.
  • The remaining measure requested tabor override authority to retain excess tax revenue.

Notable measure:

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Only 3 measures are being decided in this election. They are all charter amendments for the City of Davenport in Polk County:

Below is a list of articles giving details about each charter amendment:

Also watch for April 9th municipal elections in Florida next week.

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There were 152 measures were found reported on county election websites.
  • 43 property tax measures, 26 of which were tax increases, 16 were renewals and 1 was a tax repeal
  • 35 sales tax measures, 15 of which were out-of-state use taxes for cities or counties
  • 53 bond issue measures, 37 of which were for school districts
  • A total of $583,828,000 in requested bond money, 495,030,000 of which was requested by school districts.
  • 3 charter amendments
  • 8 annexation or boundary extension measures
  • 4 district incorporation or dissolution measures

Notable measures:

  • One measure in Kansas City got on the ballot through initiative petition and seeks to prohibit the city from funding or allowing facilities that assemble, manufacture parts for or in anyway aid in the construction of nuclear weapons.
  • The Jefferson City School District in Callaway County and Cole County is requesting $79 million dollars in bond money for improvements to school facilities and construction of new school facilities.
  • Proposition Classrooms for Kids is a runner up for most bond money requested at $71.65 million to upgrade existing buildings and construct new ones in the Springfield School District of Greene County

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57 measures were found for this election.
  • 25 measures requested school bond money.
  • The total additional debt requested by school bond measures was $357,940,000 for this election.
  • There were 27 school tax measures.
  • 2 city measures requested country wide action to define a corporation to not be a person and to limit campaign contributions of corporations.
  • 2 measures concerned elections and voting laws.
  • The 1 remaining measure concerned the purchase of land for a town school.

Notable measures:

  • Two measures, one in Fort Atkinson City and one in Whitewater City, which are both in Jefferson County, request the voter approval of a movement to amend the country's constitution to exclude corporations from the definition of person, establish that constitutional rights do not belong to corporations and to establish that money is not speech and is therefore not protected by the right to free speech.
  • One measure in Dane County asked county voters if the state of Wisconsin should continue to allow voter registration at the polls on the day of election.

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