Two more vacancies filled in Georgia legislature

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February 13, 2013


By Joel Williams

Atlanta, Georgia: Three special elections held on February 5 provided two new incumbents and another runoff in Georgia's quest to fill a number of vacancies in its legislature. The House of Representatives District 71 seat formerly held by Robert Stokely (R) did not have one candidate receive a majority of votes and will therefore proceed to a runoff election on March 5. Stokley initially won the seat in the 2012 general election, but announced he was not accepting the position and would instead serve as Coweta County Magistrate Judge instead. Thomas G. Crymes and David J. Stover, both Republicans, will compete in the runoff election.

Scot Turner (R) won election to the House District 21 seat previously occupied by Sean Jerguson (R), who resigned to run in a Senate special election in January. Dean Burke (R) claimed the Senate District 11 seat originally held and won in November by incumbent John Bulloch (R). Though Bulloch never cited a specific reason for stepping down, a previous bout with meningitis is likely the cause. Both of these elections were runoffs themselves, with the swearing-in of Turner and Burke ending a nearly two-month process to claim the empty seats.

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