Two redistricting initiatives likely to duke it out on California's November ballot

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June 4, 2010

SACRAMENTO, California: Now that supporters of the "Financial Accountability in Redistricting Act" have filed their qualifying signatures with election officials, it appears likely that Californians will be choosing between two very different redistricting proposals on their November 2 ballot.

The "Financial Accountability in Redistricting Act" will substantially repeal Proposition 11, which voters approved in 2008 by the narrow margin of 50.9%.

Meanwhile, the Congressional Redistricting Initiative is also headed for the 2010 ballot. It would extend the provisions of 2008's Prop 11 to cover even more political offices in the state.

The two redistricting initiatives heading for the November ballot set up an epic California battle between Charles Munger, who supported Proposition 11 and is supporting its extension, and California's U.S. Congressional delegation, which has lined up to financially support the elimination of Prop 11.

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