Two special elections on the horizon in Pennsylvania

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November 29, 2012


By Maresa Strano

PA State Rep. Matthew Smith (D-42)
State Rep. Eugene DePasquale (D-95)

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania: Staggered election schedules mean vacancies. For example, state legislative incumbents can run for a different office mid way through their term, or run dual campaigns (for a brand new office along with re-election to their current post, as a type of insurance policy). When they win election to the new office, as many did earlier this month, states must make arrangements to fill their empty seats.

Now that the vast majority of the 2012 contests have been settled, the time is ripe to draw up the 2013 special elections calendar.[1]

In Pennsylvania, two incumbent state legislators successfully sought new office in this year's general election, and special elections will be held to determine their replacements.[2][3]

The first, Democrat Matthew Smith, has served as the State Representative for Pennsylvania's District 42 since 2007.[4] After three terms in that position, he ran for, and won, election to the Pennsylvania State Senate. Smith will resign his current post after the legislative session ends on November 30, 2012. Then, Pennsylvania House Majority Leader Mike Turzai (R) will call for a special election.[5]

District 95's own Eugene DePasquale (D) is also preparing for a job transition, though, unlike Smith, he will soon be leaving the state's legislative branch altogether. On November 6, 2012, DePasquale was elected to the statewide office of Pennsylvania State Auditor. He will have to vacate his seat in the House before the executive terms begin on January 17, 2013,[6] after which Speaker of the House Samuel Smith (R) will call for a special election to find the next District 95 Representative.[5]

Neither election has been scheduled as of November 29, 2012.

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