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United States Attorneys are also known as federal prosecutors. They represent the United States federal government in United States District Courts and in the United States Court of Appeals. U.S. Attorneys are members of the United States Department of Justice.


The United States Attorney in a district is the chief federal law enforcement officer and administrative head of the Office of the United States Attorney. They are prosecutors for the United States and also represent the district's interests in court. Attorneys supervise district offices with as many as 350 assistant U.S. attorneys, with as many as 350 more support personnel.[1][2]


Ninety-three United States Attorneys are stationed throughout the United States and its territories. One U.S. Attorney is assigned to each of the judicial districts, with the exception of Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands where a single U.S. Attorney serves both districts.[3]


United States Attorneys are appointed by the President of the United States and serve four-year terms.[3]

Current U.S. Attorneys

This is a list of current United States Attorneys
10th Oklahoma, WesternSanford Coats
7th Wisconsin, EasternJames Santelle
5th Mississippi, SouthernGregory K. Davis
5th Mississippi, NorthernFelicia Adams
10th KansasBarry R. Grissom
5th Louisiana, EasternKenneth A. Polite
5th Louisiana, MiddleWalt Green
5th Louisiana, WesternStephanie A. Finley
1st MaineThomas Edward Delahanty, II
7th Wisconsin, WesternJohn William Vaudreuil
7th Illinois, NorthernZachary T. Fardon
7th Illinois, CentralJames A. Lewis
7th Illinois, SouthernStephen R. Wigginton
9th NevadaDaniel G. Bogden
10th ColoradoJohn F. Walsh
8th South DakotaRandy Seiler
8th North DakotaTimothy Q. Purdon
8th MinnesotaAndrew M. Luger
8th NebraskaDeborah K.R. Gilg
7th Indiana, NorthernDavid A. Capp
7th Indiana, SouthernJoshua Minkler
8th Iowa, NorthernKevin Techau
8th Iowa, SouthernNicholas A. Klinefeldt
8th Missouri, EasternRichard G. Callahan
8th Missouri, WesternTammy Dickinson
6th Ohio, NorthernSteven M. Dettelbach
6th Ohio, SouthernCarter M. Stewart
6th Michigan, EasternBarbara L. McQuade
6th Michigan, WesternPatrick A. Miles, Jr.
6th Kentucky, EasternKerry B. Harvey
6th Kentucky, WesternJohn E. Kuhn, Jr.
6th Tennessee, EasternWilliam C. Killian
6th Tennessee, MiddleDavid Rivera
6th Tennessee, WesternEdward L. Stanton, III
8th Arkansas, EasternChristopher R. Thyer
8th Arkansas, WesternConner Eldridge
5th Texas, EasternJohn Malcolm Bales
5th Texas, NorthernJohn R. Parker
5th Texas, SouthernKenneth Magidson
5th Texas, WesternRichard Durbin
9th ArizonaJohn S. Leonardo
9th OregonS. Amanda Marshall
9th AlaskaKaren L. Loeffler
9th MontanaMichael Cotter
9th IdahoWendy J. Olson
9th HawaiiFlorence T. Nakakuni
9th Washington, EasternMichael Ormsby
9th Washington, WesternAnnette L. Hayes
9th California, CentralStephanie Yonekura
9th California, EasternBenjamin B. Wagner
9th California, NorthernMelinda L. Haag
9th California, SouthernLaura E. Duffy
10th Oklahoma, EasternMark F. Green
10th Oklahoma, NorthernDanny Williams.
10th New MexicoDamon P. Martinez
10th UtahCarlie Christensen
10th WyomingChristopher A. Crofts
1st MassachusettsCarmen Milagros Ortiz
1st Puerto RicoRosa E. Rodriguez-Velez
1st New HampshireDonald Feith
1st Rhode IslandPeter F. Neronha
2nd ConnecticutDeirdre Daly
2nd VermontEugenia Cowles
2nd New York, EasternLoretta Lynch
2nd New York, NorthernRichard S. Hartunian
2nd New York, SouthernPreet Bharara
2nd New York, WesternWilliam J. Hochul, Jr.
3rd DelawareCharles M. Oberly, III
3rd New JerseyPaul J. Fishman
3rd Pennsylvania, EasternZane D. Memeger
3rd Pennsylvania, MiddlePeter J. Smith
3rd Pennsylvania, WesternDavid J. Hickton
4th South CarolinaWilliam N. Nettles
4th MarylandRod J. Rosenstein
4th North Carolina, EasternThomas G. Walker
4th North Carolina, MiddleRipley Rand
4th North Carolina, WesternJill Westmoreland Rose
4th Virginia, EasternDana Boente
4th Virginia, WesternAnthony P. Giorno
4th West Virginia, NorthernWilliam J. Ihlenfeld, II
4th West Virginia, SouthernR. Booth Goodwin, II
11th Alabama, MiddleGeorge L. Beck
11th Alabama, NorthernJoyce White Vance
11th Alabama, SouthernKenyen Ray Brown
11th Florida, MiddleLee Bentley
11th Florida, NorthernPamela C. Marsh
11th Florida, SouthernWifredo A. Ferrer
11th Georgia, MiddleMichael J. Moore
11th Georgia, NorthernJohn Horn
11th Georgia, SouthernEdward J. Tarver
D.C. District of ColumbiaVincent Cohen, Jr.

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