United States congressional delegations from Delaware

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Delaware state.JPG
Gender51.5% Female, 48.5% Male
Race65.3% White, 20.8% Black, 3.2% Asian, 0.3% Native American[1]
Ethnicity8.2% Hispanic
Unemployment rate4.6%
Median household income$57,176
Voter registration statistics29% R, 47% D, 24% I
2012 Voter turnout62.7%
2012 Pres results40% Romney, 59% Obama
Upcoming electionsU.S. House, 2016
This page displays the historical members of U.S. Congress from Delaware.

Here is the current partisan breakdown of the congressional members from Delaware.

Congressional Partisan Breakdown from Delaware
Party U.S. Senate U.S. House Total
     Democratic Party 1 2 3
     Republican Party 0 0 0
TOTALS as of May 2015 1 2 3

Current members


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U.S. Senate

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The current members of the U.S. Senate from Delaware are:

Name:Party:Position:Assumed Office:Term Ends:Next Election:Official Website:
Chris Coons
Chris Andrew Coons.jpg
Democratic PartyU.S. Senate, Delaware 2010January 3, 2021November 3, 2020Link
Tom Carper
Tom Carper.jpg
Democratic PartyU.S. Senate, Delaware 2001January 3, 2019November 2018Link

U.S. House

The current members of the U.S. House from Delaware are:

Name:Party:Position:Assumed Office:Term Ends:Next Election:Official Website:
John C. Carney Jr.
John C. Carney Jr.jpg
Democratic PartyU.S. House, Delaware, At-Large District 2011January 3, 2017November 8, 2016Link

Historical members


Historical Representation to the U.S. Senate by Party from Delaware
Party Total
     Democratic 19
     Republican 15
     Adams 3
     Pro-Admin 2
     Federalist 7
     Adams-Clay Federalist 1
     Jacksonian 2
     Anti-Jacksonian 2
     Whig 5
     Opposition 2
Total Senators 58
Class 1 Senators from Delaware
Senator Years Served Party
George Read Pro-Admin 1789-1793
Henry Latimer Federalist 1795-1801
Samuel White Federalist 1801-1809
Outerbridge Horsey Federalist 1810-1821
Caesar A. Rodney Republican 1822-1823
Thomas Clayton Adams-Clay Federalist, Adams 1824-1827
Louis McLane Jacksonian 1827-1829
Arnold Naudain Anti-Jacksonian 1830-1836
Richard H. Bayard Anti-Jacksonian, Whig 1836-1839, 1841-1845
John M. Clayton Whig 1845-1849
John Wales Whig 1849-1851
James Asheton Bayard, Jr. Democratic 1851-1864
George Read Riddle Democratic 1864-1867
James Asheton Bayard, Jr. Democratic 1867-1869
Thomas F. Bayard, Sr. Democratic 1869-1885
George Gray Democratic 1885-1899
L. Heisler Ball Republican 1903-1905
Henry A. du Pont Republican 1906-1917
Josiah O. Wolcott Democratic 1917-1921
T. Coleman du Pont Republican 1921-1922
Thomas F. Bayard, Jr. Democratic 1922-1929
John G. Townsend, Jr. Republican 1929-1941
James M. Tunnell Democratic 1941-1947
John J. Williams Republican 1947-1970
William V. Roth, Jr. Republican 1971-2001
Tom Carper Democratic 2001-Present
Class 2 Senators from Delaware
Senator Years Served Party
Richard Bassett Anti-Admin, Pro-Admin 1789-1793
John Vining Pro-Admin, Federalist 1793-1798
Joshua Clayton Federalist 1798-1798
William Hill Wells Federalist 1799-1804
James Asheton Bayard, Sr. Federalist 1804-1813
William Hill Wells Federalist 1813-1817
Nicholas Van Dyke Federalist Adams Clay Federalist, Adams 1817-1826
Daniel Rodney Adams 1826-1827
Henry M. Ridgely Jacksonian 1827-1829
John M. Clayton Anti-Jacksonian 1829-1836
Thomas Clayton Anti-Jacksonian, Whig 1837-1847
Presley Spruance Whig 1847-1853
John M. Clayton Whig, Opposition 1853-1856
Joseph P. Comegys Opposition 1856-1857
Martin W. Bates Democratic 1857-1859
Willard Saulsbury, Sr. Democratic 1859-1871
Eli Saulsbury Democratic 1871-1889
Anthony Higgins Republican 1889-1895
Richard R. Kenney Democratic 1897-1901
James F. Allee Republican 1903-1907
Harry A. Richardson Republican 1907-1913
Willard Saulsbury, Jr. Democratic 1913-1919
L. Heisler Ball Republican 1919-1925
T. Coleman du Pont Republican 1925-1928
Daniel O. Hastings Republican 1928-1937
James H. Hughes Democratic 1937-1943
C. Douglass Buck Republican 1943-1949
J. Allen Frear, Jr. Democratic 1949-1961
J. Caleb Boggs Republican 1961-1973
Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Democratic 1973-2009
Edward E. Kaufman Democratic 2009-2010
Chris Coons Democratic 2010-Present


Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 1700s from Delaware
Party Total
     Pro-Admin 2
     Anti-Admin 1
     Democratic-Republican 1
     Federalist 1
Total Representatives 5
Representatives to the U.S. House from Delaware
Representative Years Served Party
John M. Vining Pro-Admin 1789-1793
John Patten Anti-Admin 1793-1794
Henry Latimer Pro-Admin 1794-1795
John Patten Democratic-Republican 1795-1797
James A. Bayard, Sr. Federalist 1797-1803
Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 1800s from Delaware
Party Total
     Democratic-Republican 3
     Federalist 7
     Anti-Jacksonian 1
     Whig 3
     American 1
     Democratic 12
     Republican 5
Total Representatives 32
Representatives to the U.S. House from Delaware
Representative Years Served Party
Caesar A. Rodney Democratic-Republican 1803-1805
James M. Broom Federalist 1805-1807
Nicholas Van Dyke Federalist 1807-1811
Henry M. Ridgely Federalist 1811-1815
Thomas Cooper Federalist 1813-1817
Thomas Clayton Federalist 1815-1817
Willard Hall Democratic-Republican 1817-1821
Louis McLane Federalist 1817-1827
Caesar A. Rodney Democratic-Republican 1821-1822
Daniel Rodney Federalist 1822-1823
Kensey Johns, Jr. Anti-Jacksonian 1827-1831
John J. Milligan Anti-Jacksonian, Whig 1831-1839
Thomas Robinson, Jr. Democratic 1839-1841
George B. Rodney Whig 1841-1845
John W. Houston Whig 1845-1851
George R. Riddle Democratic 1851-1855
Elisha D. Cullen American 1855-1857
William G. Whitely Democratic 1857-1861
George P. Fisher Republican 1861-1863
William Temple Democratic 1863
Nathaniel B. Smithers Republican 1863-1865
John A. Nicholson Democratic 1865-1869
Benjamin T. Biggs Democratic 1869-1873
James R. Lofland Republican 1873-1875
James Williams Democratic 1875-1879
Edward L. Martin Democratic 1879-1883
Charles B. Lore Democratic 1883-1887
John B. Penington Democratic 1887-1891
John W. Causey Democratic 1891-1895
Jonathan S. Willis Republican 1895-1897
L. Irving Handy Democratic 1897-1899
John H. Hoffecker Republican 1899-1900
Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 1900s from Delaware
Party Total
     Democratic 11
     Republican 17
Total Representatives 28
Representatives to the U.S. House from Delaware
Representative Years Served Party
Walter O. Hoffecker Republican 1900-1901
L. Heisler Ball Republican 1901-1903
Henry A. Houston Democratic 1903-1905
Hiram R. Burton Republican 1905-1909
William H. Heald Republican 1909-1913
Franklin Brockson Democratic 1913-1915
Thomas W. Miller Republican 1915-1917
Albert F. Polk Democratic 1917-1919
Caleb R. Layton Republican 1919-1923
William H. Boyce Democratic 1923-1925
Robert G. Houston Republican 1925-1933
Wilbur L. Adams Democratic 1933-1935
J. George Stewart Republican 1935-1937
William F. Allen Democratic 1937-1939
George S. Williams Republican 1939-1941
Philip A. Traynor Democratic 1941-1943
Earle D. Willey Republican 1943-1945
Philip A. Traynor Democratic 1945-1947
J. Caleb Boggs Republican 1947-1953
Herbert B. Warburton Republican 1953-1955
Harris B. McDowell, Jr. Democratic 1955-1957
Harry G. Haskell, Jr. Republican 1957-1959
Harris B. McDowell, Jr. Democratic 1959-1967
William V. Roth, Jr. Republican 1967-1970
Pierre S. du Pont, IV Republican 1971-1977
Thomas B. Evans, Jr. Republican 1977-1983
Thomas R. Carper Democratic 1983-1993
Michael N. Castle Republican 1993-2011
Historical Representation to the U.S. House by Party in the 2000s from Delaware
Party Total
     Democratic 1
Total Representatives 1
Representatives to the U.S. House from Delaware
Representative Years Served Party
John C. Carney, Jr. Democratic 2011-Present


  1. For more information on the parameters the U.S. Census Bureau use, please see our Race and Ethnicity on the United States Census page.