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-- New user message (talk) 10:22, 12 July 2014 (CDT)

Elindsay wrote:

Many thanks for running with the updates. I hesitated to add more info, for fear that it just might get reversed.

What about ANC info? Is there any reason it is lacking? Might you point me to an acceptable location to add some?

Elindsay wrote:
(Ditto for shadow & house info, which I've also noticed is absent.)

Elindsay wrote:

I went to the Congress portal ( to find you are the top poster. Small world.

So since some data is lacking... and I've already asked where I can add to it... I'm just going to start posting stuff as the spirit moves me. It will not be as pretty as you pros. Hopefully you will relocate my contribution to a considerate place and not simply reverse it. (It's why I asked first.)

Chrbaker87 wrote:

Hi Charles -

This is an ongoing project that I am doing on behalf of the Libertas Institute. I am currently the intern for the Institute.

I would kindly ask that you not delete my work from now on. I'm doing everything as fast as I can. As far as the sources are concerned, one need only look at the Libertas Institute website to confirm it. I'm simply pulling it from there to add to the wiki. So I would kindly ask that you not delete all my work anymore, please. Thank you.


Chris Baker

Chrbaker87 wrote:
That's fine, Charles. I appreciate it. Thanks.
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