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Hi Jennifer, since this chart coding is so complex, I tried adding it myself to Features of official voter guides, compared by state. See what you think. If you like that two-layered chart topper, you can delete the other one. You'll also have to add a new column marker in the rows below.

BP's chart State guide Title Question Explanation Fiscal note Text of statute or amendment Available languages
Without markup With markup
AL 2010 Alabama Approveda Approveda Defeatedd Defeatedd Defeatedd Defeatedd English only

Andrew Straw

Jennifer, you took an awful lot of information out of the Andrew Straw page. If people need to know that Jackie Walorski was a state representative or that Brendan Mullen worked for the US Army, then the fact Straw worked for the Indiana Supreme Court, for a world-famous transportation planner and billionaire, and as an assistant dean at the IU-Maurer School of Law in Bloomington all matter.

It is deceptive to take out the Libertarian in the race, who has been slated by his party. He WILL be on the ballot.

You are making me think that Ballotpedia is not a very comprehensive source of information.

And yes, this is Andrew Straw. I am about an inch from asking you to take me off here altogether. Everything I put on there was verifiable. I said I was going to provide all of the links, but there was a hell of a lot of material and it would take some time. Did you look at the discussion before you mangled it all?

Honestly, you took out about 70% of the interesting commentary and information about the race itself.

I had a link to Ballotpedia on my FB, but that's deleted now. I'll find somewhere else to provide information, because here is going to be very deficient from the looks of it. No more submissions will be forthcoming.--Andrewudstraw 08:55, 22 June 2012 (CDT)

Andrew, Thanks very much for contacting me. I apologize if you feel wronged about the edits that were made to the page. I want to first assure you that we are adding back in the biographical information. You are correct that it should have been left. We will also add back in Joseph Ruiz, as we have now seen his name on the official candidate list. Our general policy is to require references for information added to profiles. In our opinion, the references should have been included first -- which was why I temporariliy removed the information. The wiki still retains the content in the page history -- so once you have references it can very easily be added back onto the page.
I regret that you feel so frustrated by the process. Please contact me if you have any other concerns. We do very much appreciate that you have taken the time to add content to the wiki. Thanks!--Jennifer S 08:59, 22 June 2012 (CDT)
I don't do edits on Wikipedia because there is a certain viciousness and people feel they own pages. When someone mentioned Ballotpedia positively and said I should provide my information to your pages, I was excited to do so. I'll add things back as I have the links.--wobblywiki 21:56, 22 June 2012 (CDT)


Jennifer, I provided the perjury issue with plenty of verification. The newspaper article I referenced said that I charged perjury, and they would NOT do that without proof. I gave them his voter registration documents and I can provide them to you.

Somehow, when the NRCC makes a video, you are willing to post all of that as if it is Gospel, but there is no actual proof there, is there?

I provided proof to a newspaper, to the state police, to the voter authorities in two states, and I have a copy of the demand letter from DC telling him to declare to them where he actually lives, since I PROVED to them that he was registered in two places at once.

His wife Suzanne is just the same. I provided references, Jennifer. Everything I said about his wife working for Speaker Boehner was referenced in Legistorm, a reference for congressional staff information, and the Almanac of the Unelected: Staff of Congress, 2011 ed.

Why do you have a problem with me putting these things on the page. Are they untrue? Unreferenced? I'm right back to wanting to know if you edit in a partisan fashion or not. --StrawforCongress 22:58, 22 June 2012 (CDT)

What are the questions you are asking, Jennifer, in deciding to change things I put up? You first said it was about references, but you are changing things that are referenced. Then you just strip out whole sections. Do I need to make the sections in my page match exactly the format of Joe Donnelly or someone else? I don't mind if people put controversies up about me and I encourage them to do so, but about the most controversial thing about me is a couple of disabilities I have. DOH. Disability rights is one of my main issues in the campaign. I need some help from you.--StrawforCongress 23:03, 22 June 2012 (CDT)
Andrew, I appreciate your candid thoughts on the pages. We have added back in the Roll Call issues and the primary results counties article. We have also added in part of the section about Mullen's wife. We have no partisan agenda in this, or any race that we cover. I apologize if what I wrote before was unclear. Our basis on including information in a profile is to require it be referenced by a legitimate media outlet and be relevant to the campaign. Above all, the information should not be partisan in nature. Much of the information about Mullen's wife is not relevant to the campaign. Most of the perjury information you added was a direct quote from you -- we do not allow candidates to add commentary about their opposition on their profiles. We have added back in the media-referenced section about the perjury case, but we removed your added opinion and remarks.--Jennifer S 06:41, 25 June 2012 (CDT)

VigilantCitizen wrote:
Hi, regarding the updates to the "Calen Fretts" page, he is not running again in 2014. The website update on 3/18 was just to update the link to the archived campaign site from 2012, and you can see that the site still says 2012.
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