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SOS elections

On the Secretary of State elections, 2010, I took out the North Dakota link in the Table of Contents, because there was no corresponding section in the article and because, looking at Gubernatorial elections, 2010, there is no governor election in ND in 2010. (There might, however, be an SOS election). But that leaves only 26 states in the list of states with elections. Is there an SOS election in ND in 2010, or is there in some other state not currently in the Table of Contents, that would bring the total to 27 races? Thank you for your help. MMH 11:59, 26 November 2009 (CST)

John Kroger

John Kroger doesn't mess around. I see you are doing his article. You could write about all the petitioners that he has gone after for fraud. He's probably the strictest AG in the US when it comes to cracking down on circulator fraud (maybe second to Drew Edmondson).

Just an idea.....

--Johnwynnejr 02:48, 12 December 2009 (CST)

Kansas election

Thank you, you're right about putting that info on the election page. Lizhill 08:49, 18 October 2010 (CDT)

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