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-- New user message (talk) 10:19, 13 February 2014 (CST)

WN wrote:

Thank you KellyC, for ensuring those additions are in compliance with the neutrality policy.

I want to make sure the context is clear with regards to the Congressman's statements as a Florida Rep, so the following words were added after "remarks":

..."in support of a marital rape exemption."

This is an objective description of the Floor debate that day.

KellyC wrote:

Hi WN,

Thank you for your addition. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me in the future.

Thanks again!

Lexington62 wrote:

Kelly, I don't know how to change the colors associated with political parties, but suggest green for the West Virginia Mountain Party since they are the recognized Green Party affiliate in our state. They always provide ballot access for the national Green Party presidential candidates, Cynthia McKinney in 2008 and Jill Stein in 2012. Thanks. - Jeff

PS: I would also suggest purple for the Libertarians since they are a blend of Republicans and Democrats - socially liberal but fiscally conservative. Use yellow or gold for the Constitution Party since that is close to the color of the parchment it is written on.

Lexington62 wrote:

OK. Thanks. Regarding "United States Senate elections in West Virginia, 2014" - I see that 2008 and 2012 election histories are listed, but not 2010. The 2010 election was a special election to fill the seat of Senator Byrd who unexpectedly passed away. There were four ballot-qualified candidates in that election. - Not sure if it should be included on he 2014 election page, or if 2002 should be included since that was the Rockefeller election previous to 2008.

- J

Lexington62 wrote:

Hello Kelly, Constitution Party nominee Jeff Becker has made ballot access in the open 59th House of Delegates race in West Virginia. He was the party's 2010 candidate for U.S. Senate in the open race to replace Senator Byrd and got 1.2% of the vote:,_2014

I don't know how to create a new candidate page, but if he doesn't already have a page, he should have since he was a past candidate. Thanks.

Lexington62 wrote:

Here is the direct WVSOS link to Mr. Becker:


Lexington62 wrote:

Found another new West Virginia State Candidate who just made ballot access today: Roy Ramey, Independent, WV State Senate, District 5


Pancho wrote:
Thanks for the note about the Campfield page. I wasn't sure I had it right, and couldn't figure out how to leave a link to the TN SOS webpage results. Since it was a high profile race, with national interest, I thought it would be helpful to post the vote count.

Lexington62 wrote:

Kelly, Thank you. We can live with orange. At least we didn't get brown (Mountain Party). But FYI, the Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate here in WV is promoting that Libertarians are the "best of the Republican red and Democrat blue and are the purple." A good website that someone on the Ballotpedia team should check out is because there are still lots of candidates from other parties that are being missed. For example, the Justice Party is running at least one candidate in New Hampshire: - I didn't see a color dot listed for them.

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