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Hello Sdw77156! Thank you for your addition of Schumacher & Associates LLC to the Petition drive management companies as well as your creation of the company's own page. I removed the listing of a 2006 South Dakota school petition as it was unclear to which petition you were referring. Did Schumacher & Associates work on the South Dakota Measure 3, Definition of First Day of School (2006) initiative? I also removed the listing of the petition to build a Wal-Mart in Cordova, Tennessee as the existences of this petition could not be verified. Please feel free to re-enter this information on Schumacher & Associates's page with references. Please also provide references demonstrating Schumacher & Associates involvement with the campaigns listed on its page. Information about citations is listed below. Please contact me with any questions. You can reach me on my talk page or via email

KaitlinE 12:10, 22 September 2013 (CDT)

Hi Sdw77156. I did catch your response to David's question about the edits to Signature Masters Inc, Shawn D. Wilmoth and Portal:Petition drive management companies. However, at Ballotpedia we really do hesitate to remove information from the website without an explanation on the page. We do have list for former or inactive petition companies which is where we would file Signature Masters Inc. What we can do is re-add the information and make a note about the company's status. From your response I'm assuming it went out of business? Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! BaileyL 13:39, 18 October 2011 (CDT)

Hi Sdw. Welcome back to the wiki! I noticed you made a few edits recently and I do have a couple of questions. You created Jefferson Adams Consulting INC, however, I temporarily deleted the content for a couple of reasons - info should be cited, written in a fact-based, neutral format, and info should not be copied word-for-word from another site. If you have a reference(s) we can add then we can definitely re-add the content. The content will also need to be re-written to comply with Ballotpedia writing standards (neutral, fact-based).

Also, I noticed that you blanked Campaign Services Inc. At Ballotpedia we really do hesitate to remove information from the website without an explanation on the page. Is there a reason you blanked this page?

You can reach me on my talk page or via email BaileyL 11:34, 5 March 2013 (CST)

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SamanthaS wrote:
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BaileyL wrote:
Hi Sdw77156, I have yet to receive your verification email (see the note above). Your initials are very similar to Shawn D. Wilmoth. If this is not you, please email me anyways so we can clarify the issue. Please contact me in the next 24 hours. If I don't hear from you I will close out your account. This can be reversed if you email me, even after your account is closed. Please contact me at Thank you!

BaileyL wrote:

Thank you very much for your reply. Since you have confirmed that you are Shawn Wilmoth I'm going add a confirmation badge to your user profile shortly.

Regarding your request to delete both your profile, Shawn D. Wilmoth, and Signature Masters Inc, we create profiles for petition management companies that manage ballot measure efforts and candidate campaigns. Each profile includes sections on the campaigns that we are aware of, lawsuits and related controversies. Currently, this is not a large project for Ballotpedia so we add the info as it pops-up in the media. Another thing you will note about this page and other petition management profiles is that they contain stub tags to indicate incomplete pages. I did remove uncited information that was on your profile. We typically do not delete pages because they serve archival purposes. If you have a disagreement with the page or would like to add a personal note you can either send it to me and I'll add it to the talk page or you can add it yourself. I can also add a note that says that you requested that the profiles be deleted. If you have specific points of disagreement please send those to me so that they can be reviewed. Thank you.
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